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Any Surprises Flying American into or out of Logan?

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I normally have flown Delta since becoming LEOSA qualified but now my plans have changed to the extent that I will be flying into Logan in Boston, MA via AMERICAN AIRLINES early in October. I will have a duly declared unloaded handgun in a locked hard-sided case within my checked baggage and will have all my required identification with me.

I have ALREADY checked AA's website and printed out a copy of their Transporting Firearms and Ammunition page which I will have with me at check-in both going and coming.

I would appreciate any information members of this forum might share with me that would alert me in advance to any specific problems or surprises I might expect from American Airline counter employees at KBOS.
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You are doing it in the proper way. I recently brought my XD out to Montana and had no problem going through TSA. Handgun in a locked hard case, ammunition seperate from the weapon in its original box or a box designed for ammunition, declare the weapon and ammunition when checking in your baggage and you will not have any problems.

I stayed with the TSA when they checked my baggage just in case they wanted to have my case opened or had any problems. As a side note, my handgun was loked within the locked case and the TSA agent said only one thing while I was there - "good job on preparing your weapon."
I too, have done all this before, having flown with Delta a multiple number of times into LaGuardia and O'Hare with my firearm. What I'm interested in here are any specific procedural variations I might expect from the American Airlines counter personnel working at Logan, e.g., insisting that the red tag go on the OUTSIDE of my gun case or that my gun case be inside a HARD-SIDED piece of luggage.

I just spoke with my friend who went through Logan about 10 months ago, At that time, American Airlines required the red card to be inside the luggage next to the hard case. The weapon did not have to be in a hard sided piece of luggage. Let me know if it has changed - thx
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