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Are there any situations where you had to use your gun for defense or a "close encounter?"

We read about more and more situations in the gun magazines and in the paper. What is your story?

I had to pull one once after a person (who I thought was my friend at the time) was in my home and threatend me and my kids.

I brought a gun out of my bedroom (never pointed it at him but it was loaded and ready to go) to let him know that I ment buissness and that he was to leave (which I asked to do once allready and his reply was he didn't have too). Before bringing the gun out I had called the police and they were supposedly on thier way.

After he finally stepped out the door I set the gun down in the living room and went to close and lock the door and it became a fist fight which I won.

After the fist fight I called the police back and explained what had happened and told them I had brought out a gun into the living room. They got there in a super hurry then.

They proceded to having me comming out of the house (while they had the whole front yard covered) with my hands up and proceded to cuff me and I was arrested for Branishing a Firearm and Battery! In wich I was given a sight and realease!

I showed up to court on the charges and the District Attourney dropped all the charges against me deeming that I had done nothing wrong and only acted in the defence of my home and family.

But I lost 1 gun in the incodent and it took over a year to get another back. The one I lost was a short Mossy defender type shot gun that was brand new and had never been fired. It just so happens that that department uses the exact shotgun in thier patrol cars! They refused to give me a reciept for my guns when I was arrested and stated (and still state) that it is not thier policy to give reciepts for confenscated items. I finally gave up on the fight over that gun because I had moved accross the country and it would have cost me more than the gun was worth to try to keep the fight going to try to get it as they kept saying that they did not have the gun. I tried to have all guns of this type in thier department checked for serial numbers but they also refused this. I still have the original sales papers for the gun showing the serial number and can very easily prove that it is mine.

This whole incodent was the "straw that broke the camels back" and got me to move out of California for good!

The area I live in now is a lot more gun friendly! I know a large portion of the sherriffs around here and they all know that if something happens around this house (of a defencive nature) that I will have a gun in my hand when they arrive. They also know that I have a gun on my person when I am out and about! They are fine with it not only because of my permit, but also because many of them have been out shooting with me and know that I am very resposable with my guns and know how to use them.

It is a nice feeling knowing that the officers around here feel like they do about me because I know that I will never be hassled like I was in California!
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