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All this new fangled gun cleaning supplies

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I went over to a friends house last night for a visit.
I had not seen him in a while. He is kind of new to shooting.
He showed me his "gun room"
This guy must have had about 3-4 hundred dollars invested in every new fangled solvent, cleaner, lotion.
All kinds of different brushes, swabs, long Q tips, scrapers.
He asked me what I thought.
I told him he could have probably bought another handgun or a lot of ammo instead of buying all that stuff.
Then he proceeded to show me how clean his pistol was.
I showed him my 1911 and told him I only use Hoppes #9 and some CLP.
Use some Barricade if I do not plan on shooting a lot.
I only have a couple of cleaning rods, patches, and some bore brushes and old tooth brushes.
My guns are just as clean.
Guess what I am trying to say is do ya'll find all theses new gadgets and snake oils useful?
Are your guns any cleaner or better protected or are your wallets just lighter.
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Your friend is a good supporter of the gun industry. :wink:
I have probably a little too much. I read with Sig that they suggested denatured alcohol for cleaning. That's what I use. Only problem is it's flammable. But works great. Then use 0-(something) synthetic motor oil.
Just wait till they come out with a gun cleaning robot.
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Some things are nice to have. Dental picks - whether a used set from your dentist or a set of no-scratch nylon ones, are handy for scraping carbon and other "stuff" from some of those hard to reach nooks and crannies. I prefer Shooter's Choice for my metallic solvent and WD-40 for the inside of my shotgun barrels (it's cheaper and works well on plastic wad residue) I prefer jags over slotted tips and ProShot cotton flannel patches -they are always top quality and consistent in size and thickness.
I have found certain things to my liking, and I keep them on hand. Mostly my gun cleaning supplies are contained in one plastic tool box with the exceptions being my single piece rifle cleaning rods and some supplies that I bought a large quantity of at savings (patches, solvent, lube) that are stored out of the way until I need to replenish working supplies. I know there is a crazy big variety of stuff being marketed, but what I use works, and works good, so I stick with it. Heard lots of good ideas here at NGF for clean and lube, and examined a few, but I generally stick with what I know works and has been working for a lot of years...
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I have to admit I have a lot more stuff now than when I started, I mostly use the same things but I bought this and that to try and it's piling up I mostly rely on Hoppe's solvent, G-96 CLP and nitro solvent, and lithium white grease for the Sig. I still cut my patches out of old T shirts, made my own set of picks with my table grinder out of a 6mm brass rod I paid $7 for , I bought a plastic set but they broke. Brass and nylon brushes that I change every so often and that's about it.
Screwdrivers, plyers, tweezers, wooden mallet, a set of hex keys are really useful too, little shot plastic cups from the dollar store to soak parts or not to lose your screws lol but that's not really cleaning stuff
i tend to stay with one brand for the rods and rod

i use a lot of G96 to clean and well as ballistol..........there may indeed be something better.......but it works for my needs.

i was a firm believer in Hoppe for decades.....but honestly i can not tell the difference when cleaning nowadays....i am out of Hoppe #9 and not planning on replacing it.

i have given the "bore snake" some thought....lots of folks like that system.......but i am slow to change.....and already vested in cleaning rods and the accessories.
Nope, just Eezox with some cut wipes, brass or nylon brushes, q-tips, and cleaning rod or two for basic firearm cleaning. I use one cleaning rod with the brush and the other I use for wipes or barrel swabs. Long with white socks and white tee shirts. Buying new socks and tee shorts every six months :) When I get home from the classes I teach I will use, with what I just said, Flitz, RB17, and lead removal cloth.

Simple sn no big cost involved like your friend. Many many years back when I was single n living by myself in my first apartment with no good money coming in, I used wd/40 and engine oil.
What gave you the idea some of us have a lot of different cleaning supplies? I actually have a ton but much of it came from my dads old shop. I do have several different things i use for specific problems like leading, copper fouling and trying to clean dark bores on old military rifles. I find that the majority of it works decent with some better than others for basic cleaning. I am starting to use up a bunch of stuff just to get rid of it and stick to the basics i use the most like hoppes, break free,balistol and G96.
For the equipment i like coated rods, brass/bronze brushes and i like having different types of jags. Loop jags for soaking the bore and push through jags for cleaning them out because of the tighter fit. Cotton patches, Q-tips, old rags and tooth brushes too.

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I clean my .22 rifles by shooting better grade ammo once in a while. I clean my shotguns and hunting rifles at the end of the season and every time there’s snow or rain. Hoppies nitro#9 and some Rem-oil is all I need. Revolver cylinder faces need a little special attention. I have some lead away cloths that do a great job.
Revolver cylinder faces need a little special attention. I have some lead away cloths that do a great job.

Have you ever tried Mother's mag and wheel polish? There's wayy too much in a jar, it goes bad (yellowish) before I reach half the jar but it works awesome, it eats those scorched rings.
Down side if you consider that a down side, is that it really polishes in the long run, mirror like.
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