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AIRSOFT GUNS: Co2, Green Gas, Spring Powered or Electric? Which Type is Best?

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Co2, Green Gas, Spring Powered or Electric? Which Type is Best?

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If you should make a top 10 list of airsoft guns you may notice that there are only Co2 powered or green gas powered included. This is because they are the most popular type and also offer the most variations.

However, it is still a good idea to understand the differences between each kind of airsoft pistol. Here is a quick overview of the four types.

Co2: This kind of pistol keeps the Co2 in a cartridge which is the source of propulsion for the BBs. This is the most stable and strongest ‘power’ source.

The disadvantage is that you cannot switch cartridges in between reloading so it slows you down.

Green Gas: Very similar to Co2 but does have the ability for quick cartridge switches. The disadvantage is that it holds less force than Co2.

Spring: The simplest mechanism and so also the most reliable and often the most affordable model. However, the airsoft pistol needs some time to build up tension before it is ready to shoot and even then it does not have the same max fps as a Co2 or green gas version.

Electric: This type does not give you the feel of the real thing because it does not hold enough power for a blowback but it does have other advantages. Most models have a semi-automatic or fully automatic mode and they are not affected by extreme weather like the other types.

(ref: Shooters Bible 2019)


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