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Hello, this is my second post for this after putting in some more research. I'm putting together a list of parts for an AR-15. My only concerns with it are that its fun to shoot (light), and if I ever REALLY needed it, it would be dependable. Really what I'm needing help with is the upper and hand guard. (and whatever else i haven't noticed is wrong)

Currently on my list I have a 11.5" Faxon Barrel, which I picked because of the weight. I can't find anything lighter at this length, I'm told 10.5 un-suppressed isn't worth it. Also the price is good.

My hand guard and upper are both from Aero Precision. I picked that one because of all the other companies I looked at were significantly more expensive, with the only benefit I should see being a closer match to my barrel length. The Aero hand guard only has 9" and 12" options. No experience building yet so I cant tell which of the two will look less stupid.

Also the titanium BCG might cost more than it benefits. Seems like a good place to spend though.

So, any advice as to a lighter upper and hand guard that will fit together well, with each other and the barrel, would be greatly appreciated. (And whatever else is a bad idea)

Lower Parts KitDPMS LPK with Grip and Mil-Spec Trigger + guard
TriggerJard Drop in Single Stage Trigger
StockSBA4 Pistol Brace w/ Carbine extention
BarrelFaxon 11.5 Gunner Profile Barrel
Upper + HandguardAreo Precision Upper w/ Quantum handgaurd combo
Gas BlockSuperlative Arms Adjustable Bleed-Off Gas Block
BCG Titanium Bolt Carrier Group
Charging HandleAero Precision Standard Charging Handle
Muzzle La Rue A2 Flash Hider

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Looks like you want to build a pistol with an arm brace. First you need to look at the laws (federal, state, and local) before you build this thing.Then look to safety aspects, read on gunsmithing with free travel, head spacing, heat, pressures, and others. Many MANY people do not do this and think its easy to build AR or other firearms and just slap a bunch of mis matched and low quality parts together. I;e; ... weight of the buffer. What type of buffer is it? besides it being from some manufacture. Light barrel? I wouldn't though to each their own.​
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Always remember the K.I.S.S. PRINCIPLE ............ THE ar-15 STYLE firearm is a Lego's dream or nightmare depending on how you go about it. As a newbie start simple, using known quality parts (this is going to require a lot of research on your part) ...................................................... then customize the gun to fit your needs as you grow into it. Remember that the bolt, barrel and trigger are the core of your build.

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One of the biggest mistakes i seen being made is not matching the gas block size to the hand guard size. before you order either see if there are any specs on what will fit with what so you won't have to go out and buy another gas block that will fit under the guard. I have one that's really close. I had to do the barrel nut and set up the gas tube/block to make sure it was right and then remove it to put the hand guard on. Then slide it on the barrel and tighten the set screws through the holes in the hand guard.

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Unless you have specific parts that you want for specific reasons it's usually better to buy a completed gun. Building it yourself makes sense if you plan on buying stock but have a list of upgrades you feel you need or want right away. There's only a few items on your list that seem to be priced on the high side.

I have a stock M-4 carbine with the only upgrade a trigger group. Almost forgot I wanted a carry handle but removed it and added an MBUS.
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