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Adjustable Gas Block?

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I'm building a suppressed 300 black out. Should I go with an adjustable gas block or should I just stick with a standard? In my mind and way of thinking I would need to vent extra gas due to blow back because of the suppresor, or am I over thinking this?

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Are you using a pistol or carbine gas length?
I'm going pistol length.
I personally think you only need an adjustable gas block is when using a piston system as the bolt is already using a buffer and spring for the weight .


Funny, but I read that exact article last night! LOL! I would think that the short barrel and the suppressor will make for a harder recoil and dirtier system so the adjustable would be needed for compensation. I don't yet know enough about SBR and suppresors to say one way or the other to be sure.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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