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Adding to the front sight

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My Father has a SS Sterling 380. I was shooting it last Saturday and at 20’ it hits about 10-15” high. The rear sight is lowered all the way. I would think that the only way to adjust the sights now it to rais the front sight. I don’t think there are any larger replacements available for it. I was thinking of adding some PC7 or similar epoxy product and then shape and adjust it with a file. Any other ideas?
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That high at that short a distance. Hmmm, check out the replacement front sights at Brownell's.
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never handled one of those......from pics it looks like the front sight is a part of the slide.....

two lines of thought.......file down the rear sight blade......
drill and tap the front sight and install a small shotgun a mid-rib bead
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Milling off the front sight , then adding a blade or post was my first guess. My suggestion to check with Brownell's was not taking into account the fact the front sight was fixed. You may just keep this for a 'Belly gun' instead of a target shooter.
YOU nailed it that lil .380 is like most designed for a belly or last grasp. However filing down rear sight or bead sight up front might be way to run if one is really not wanting to roll around with an assailant. AWESOME SHOOTERS none the less
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