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Excluding the wife's pistols and the daughter's rifles...

I have four rifles, one shotgun, and five pistols. A total of ten, obviously.

I will be paring this down somewhat when I return from deployment, liquidating the guns I don't use.

I have about 10 handguns 10 rifles and 2 shotguns..... The wifey kinda put a foot down when we had a problem with the electric bill because I baught me a new springfield 1911 :D

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Well, rather than just giving a number, I'll tell what exactly I have and a little history about it. :D

Mossberg 500: 12 gauge pump gun I got as a belated 12th birthday gift from my dad. It is probably the single favorite gun I have. It has taken countless squirrels and rabbits.

Ruger 10/22: Got this as a 13th birthday gift. Best plinking gun on Earth IMO. Also is great to have two 30 round and one 50 round pre-ban mags for it as well.

Romanian Kalashnikov: I don't know much of the history behind this gun. It's over twice my own age and it's a very fun gun. I just wish that 7.62x39mm ammo wasn't getting so expensive nowadays.

Ruger Security Six: This is a very fun handgun plinker especially loaded with light .38 special loads. I can shoot all day with no wrist fatigue. My dad gave me this gun because he knows how much I like revolvers.

NAA Mini Revolver: I don't know what the logic was behind my dad giving me this gun. It has like the worst accuracy I have ever seen. I bet it would put like 4" groups at 5 feet away.

Remington 700: I am convinced this was a joke that my dad played on me. I was complaining about how much I wanted a bolt action centerfire rifle so he gave me one of his rifles which was chambered in .338 RUM. I mean the gun groups really good. Usually 1.5-2" groups at 200 yards before shoulder fatigue sets in. It's just way too powerful for me.

Daisy Legacy: This was my very first gun. It was given to me by my older brother when I was a kid. It now belongs to my little brother.

Marlin 200: This is basically that NEF Padner single shot, only with the Marlin name on it. It's a .410 bore. Not much history behind it. I never really got into it because I liked my Mossberg better. This gun now belongs to my little brother as well.

Travis -

This is just an observation:

It seems that many of the threads you are starting ask for specific replies from members, which might target them in one way or another.

I realize that if I don't like the thread, I don't have to respond, but I think that many of the members don't see the vulnerabilities that they are creating for themselves.

If a criminal were to create a matrix of members and their responses, over time he would be able to figure out who had what, what their defenses are, and at some point, be able to locate them with evil intent.

Personally, I have nothing to fear from people knowing the details of my life, for a number of reasons.

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