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About flintlock firearms used for surviving

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I’m a big fan of carbines, but this just isn”t practical for a SHTF hunting scenario

Imagine our civilsation is gone! What about flintlock firearms for survival. And what about percussion firearms? Well, considering that the only difference between the needed items for percussion and cartridge firearms is a percussion cap or a primer (the original cartridge firearms used black powder, that’s what the last number in 30/30, 45/70, 44/40, etc. means, That’s the blackpowder charge weight), and the addition or subtraction of a brass cartridge, it doesn’t have the versatility of a flintlock.

Flints (the ignition source) are able to be found in nature, something that can’t be said about percussion caps or primers. Blackpowder (and substitutes) can be made at home if you do your homework. Yes, I know you can reactivate primers (percussion caps usually blow apart), but the process is too much to put effort into for a hunting gun, considering that flintlock firearms are available.

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You can find flint in a lot of places here in the US. Not as good as English or French amber flints but they will spark.
Powder can be made if you can process manure into salt peter.
Melt down lead for ammo.
Only takes soap and water to clean black powder fouling.
Perfect survival rifle when everything else is gone and used up.
Sometimes i feel like I was born in the wrong century
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That is why I have a few in line cva`s, if it does pop I want my smokeless powder for defense, black powder for meat collection
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