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Whats up yall heres a bit of backstory: Bought this A2 rifle a few weeks ago as a "fixer upper project" sort of thing. So ive basically replaced/upgraded just about everything I possibly could down to new springs and detents for the entire rifle. All that is left is the BCG and the Sights situation. Well the previous owner had removed the front sight post and installed a low profile gas block. So without a fsp the carry handle and rear sight are pretty much useless so I took the actual rear sight off the handle for a better view of temp red dot I threw on. Not sure If i should just install an A2 fsp and put A2 irons back on or get a carry handle mount for optics. I could also get some high rise rings and throw a scope on it with some flip-up BUIs? And ofcourse I have thought about just ditching the A2 upper and swapping it out with a flat top. What are yalls opinions? View attachment 118618 View attachment 118619
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