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Went and met my co-worker at the range today. I've been trying to broaden his horizons on different guns besides AR's but I might as well talk to a fence post. If you can't beat them, join them. I brought one of my AR's out today....Also brought a tokarev, my baby eagle, Ruger 22/45 and a NAA revolver. Everything went great and had the usual fun except I had some .22 ammo problems. made a post about that in the ammo section. We just made some steel ring and BS'ed and blasted through several hundred rounds. I have to say I love shooting that baby eagle. The weight, feel, it's hammer fired, not a tupperware thing and is pretty accurate if I do my part. But damn that things throws brass into another dimension. Forgot my brass catcher for the AR so I was busy bending over rounding up the brass. Also found a bunch of range brass and lead to bring home, always a big plus!
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The scraps i picked up.
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