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A Childs Act of Kindness

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I’m so proud of my son, he seen a kid balled up into a corner crying, so he went to console him, grabbed his hand and walked him inside of the school! It is an honor to raise such a loving, compassionate child! He’s a kid with a Big heart, the first day of school started off right ������
Minneha Core Knowledge Elementary

A second-grade student is going viral for his act of kindness towards his fellow classmate on their first day of school in Wichita, Kan.

When eight-year-old Christian Moore saw his peer, Connor Crites, crying, he walked over, took his hand, and lead him into Minneha Elementary School for their first day of school on Aug. 14. What Christian didn't know is that Connor is autistic and that his small gesture helped him handle a very overwhelming situation.

"I saw him on the ground with Connor as Connor was crying in the corner, and he was consoling him,” Courtney Moore, Christian's mother, told KAKE. “[Christian] grabs his hand and walks him to the front door. We waited until the bell rang and he walked him inside of the school. The rest is history. They have an inseparable bond."

Sitting next to Courtney, April Crites, Connor's mother, said that every day she worries for her son and how others may perceive him.

As the photo continues to gain traction on social media, with many praising Christian's actions on that first day, the message isn't lost on their mothers.

"It doesn't matter color. It doesn't matter gender. It doesn't matter disability, and it doesn't matter anything – just be kind, open your heart... it's what we need in this world," April said in reaction to Christian not treating her son any differently than he would the other students. "One act of kindness can change someone's life, can change the world. That's all it takes."

"I’m so proud of my son," Courtney wrote on Facebook. "It is an honor to raise such a loving, compassionate child! He’s a kid with a Big heart, the first day of school started off right."

Despite the attention they are getting online, the boys don't appear to understand what is so phenomenal about their heartwarming interaction.

"He was kind to me," Connor said. "I was in the first day of school and I started crying, then he helped me and I was happy... He found me and held my hand and I got happy tears."

The boys said that they hope their friendship, and the moment that started it, provides a lesson.

"Be nice," Christian and Connor said in unison.
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Kids have to be taught to hate and be racist.
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That is so sweet. Hope this becomes a lesson to some adults. No reason why everyone can not get along.
Just wait until CNN gets a hold of that kid and his failed parents. This cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged.
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