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6 Things Happened In The Last Few Days That Scream WWIII

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Well we better get busy. AOC says we only have 10 years till the end of the world.
Getting tired of all the doomsday predictions.
In the past, we did have presidents who blundered us into conflicts for far less.
Everyone was so concerned with Trump starting WW3. So far he has shown restraint.
He is hearing from all sides. The Bolton side and Pompeo side. I believe he and his advisors will come up with the best solution.
I do not believe we should appease Iran and lift sanctions. Their actions show that they are working.
But stay vigilant in case they do something truly stupid. They like to push the envelope and see what they can get away with.
They only respect power.
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Crap or get off the pot. I've been hearing this pap, since the sixties.

EOTWAWKI ? It's a big sales ploy, to panic preppers into buying up old warehouse stocks of rusty barbed wire, Yugoslavian Canteens and mess kits, and moldy Hungarian gas masks .
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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