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I don't need it (naturally). What I have ( collection ) thus far
I most likely wont sell till an age reality occurs
scenarios of survival can change .
After all I do see gun collectors coming in to sell off past purchases
I have understanding of commodity
At this time every thing I have is worth more (not set in stone)
My ammo !!
local stores to day I can sell at 100% profit
My 5.56 ammo purchased at $7 currently $30
Wile we all have our views of Dicks or wall mart
but heck it's clear $100 per week in ammo would of netted me a pretty penny
I dare say my ammo collection Has me saying "Good Job old man "
As pictured with transfer fee totals out at around $240
$40 down $20 per week 2 months
seems to me a good investment .
particular when I see my current items I have up 50%


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I can't comment on the revolver, never heard of it so i have no idea. I can give you a little insight on the 38 S&W though. It's a old almost obsolete cartridge that is getting harder and harder to find and can be at times pricey to buy it. It's a very anemic round but it can be fun to shoot at the range. In my opinion though if you're not a reloader or have a hoarde of that ammo i would try to avoid guns in that caliber. Do not confuse the 38 S&W with the 38 special, they are two different calibers. The 38 S&W is a shorter round and it takes a slightly larger diameter bullet.
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I am a fellow Citizen
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Yes I'm clear of the understanding 38 SPL not being 38 S&W & when I hold that chunklike bullet of rounded lead ammo
I just like it , fact is that has been my hunt I'll never pass on vintage good old Lead .
I have 150 rounds and 2 other 38S&W this purchase would put me at 3 and 175 rounds enough for my personal set general rule
( the gun and a box of 50) for the true use of a pistol 50 is fine
target practice is for the younger guns I have (even now less use with ammo pricing)
I see with some clarity I started in 2015 (December)The Collection
& casually bought 38SW ammo mid $20's with no thought (should I get one box or two
Fast forward 2021 here we are ---- the impending truth " Out of stock "
I think with current accelerated price across the venues . A low cost revolver with a box of 50
for up close defense will always have a customer . .
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