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Was looking at this but a little bit too much for my blood.

"This a a very rare and super condition little Colt. It is in ultra-rare factory nickle and shows the slightest but of firing corrosion about the nipple area. Other than that, it is absolutely excellent with a near perfect scene and grips."
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its neat. i like to have guns i shoot all the time. this guy is to nice to shoot all the time
Thats for sure. good collector piece, thats about all lee.
That would cost me about 5yrs income. I enjoy looking at them but I could never own one. That must be one of the first ones old Sam put out on the market. :)

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I saw one simular to 5ARoot Revolver for 400.00, HOWEVER it was rusted into one piece. It was really in bad shape.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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