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.300 win mag or 7mm rem mag?

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Is there any real difference between the .300 win mag and the 7mm rem mag? I have owned and harvested deer with the .300 win mag and I really like the cartridge but I have never owned a 7mm rem mag but thought it might be a nice rifle to have.
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Though I really do not personally have much use for either cartridge, they are both good flat shooting cartridges with good down range power. The .300 win mag has the capacity to push a considerably heavier bullet than does the 7mm mag at high velocity. Off the top of my head, the .300 is capable of 230 grain bullets at 2700 mv, while the 7mm is capable of a 175 @ 2900.
Just curious, what kind of distances are you shooting deer from? The longest shot I am able to take (Due to the tree cover) is about 550-600 meters. with a more common shot of 100 meters
Way under 100 yards for me lol. I hunt the woods. I been sitting my new spot. I have deer 20-30 feet in front of me. Saturday is the 1st day of archery im stoked.
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