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My grandfather recently past away but before he did (about 5 years ago)he gave me a very old .222 rifle.
Ive been using this gun for hunting and it is very reliable and I love it to death but I with I knew more about it!
All I've been told is that it was my grandmothers and she bought it used when she was still younge (like in the 30's) and after she past away my grandfather held onto it until I turned 14 which at that point he gave it to me.

I haven't been able to find anything on the rifle, like a serial number that would say when it was made but it does have some writing on it:
Savage Arms Westfeild Mass. USA
Springfeild model 840 series E
Proof tested caliber 222 Rem.
Ive tried looking up the model and series number but I can't find anything!
Also under the scope are some very worn numbers but I think it reads:
38 E sp6 (I'm not sure what that is but it has other letters/ numbers but I can't read them)

here is is a picture (warning it's super crapy)

Lastly: all the stuff on it is original, including the scope, the bought it shortly after buying the gun

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The Springfield Model 840 E was made by Savage under the Springfield name, It is identical to a Savage Arms Model 340 (Cross-Referenced). Its a good, tough, utilitarian rifle, Manufactured 1950-1980.
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