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In another thread I've recounted the acquisition of a New Model Blackhawk .45 Colt 5-1/2" barrel. Well we went to the range today. Keep in mind this isn't my first .45, having been a 1911 guy for many years. This is the first .45 that goes round and around, instead of vertical :unsure:
Impressions: loading reminds me of what it'd be like putting torpedoes into the launch tube. Big fat flat noses just dropping into the chambers with a thunk. Very satisfying.
Trigger is plenty crisp. Surprise break. I remember now why I've always liked adjustable sights. Not just being able to move them, but the very clear, distinct sight picture.
I shot 40 of my first 60 HSM 255gr RNFP. Unnecessary, but since I had multiples of 5 I did the "load 1, skip 1, load 4, hammer back and down" thing. Factory sight settings were about perfect east and west (windage), but about 5" high at 25 yards. Finally got the sights cranked in with a 6 o'clock hold.
Weighing at about 2-1/2 pounds, the recoil looked ferocious on video but is surprisingly comfortable. The fugly black checkered plastic grips are more comfortable than I expected. They still have to go.
So. It's on paper, where I want it, minute of thoracic accurate with that load. Last 5 rounds were at a steel gong at 100 yards, maybe 20 inches in diameter. Judging by the hits in the berm behind, I was this >< close 😎
Final impression: I had a ball with this thing. Gotta get the reloading equipment soon.

-jb, shooting 45 because there's no 46 (yeah, I know ...)

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Ok so now you’ve been to the promised land of what a real cowboy used. You’re hooked for sure. Just like the first time with a sweet young lady, there’s no such thing as saying no to doing it again. Now you know why I love the .45 Colt as well as the .45 ACP.
The Black Hawk is a great gun and I’m a definite fan plus the 5 1/2” is just right. Now you need a cowboy rig and a .45 Winchester Trapper Carbine. Trust me my son, you won’t regret it.
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