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1 CHiP Killed, 2 Wounded in Gunfight in Riverside, CA.

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LOS ANGELES – A California Highway Patrol officer was killed and two other officers were wounded in a wild shootout Monday evening off the 215 Freeway in Riverside County that left the gunman dead and motorists dodging bullets.


Paloma Esquivel/Los Angeles Times/TNS Police are seen near the Eastridge Avenue exit of the 215 Freeway where a wild shootout occurred on Monday, Aug. 12, 2019. The conditions of the other two officers were unknown, according to the Riverside Police Department. The suspect was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to initial reports from law enforcement at the scene, a CHP motorcycle officer stopped a driver for an offense. The driver then is thought to have grabbed a rifle from inside the car and opened fire on the officer.

The officer returned fire, and the two other CHP officers soon arrived and engaged the suspect in a gunbattle. Law enforcement officers from local agencies soon arrived to help the CHP.

Dozens of rounds were fired at the scene, according to local law enforcement.

“We don’t know why. That is all going to be part of this lengthy investigation,” said Riverside police spokesman Ryan Railsback.
“Please say some prayers for the CHP officers involved,” wrote state Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, on Twitter.

Jennifer Moctezuma, 31, of Moreno Valley, was driving home with her 6-year-old twins when a bullet flew through her front windshield.

Retired Marine Charles Childress, 56, of Moreno Valley, was in the car behind them when he heard gunfire and saw the bullet that went through Moctezuma’s windshield.

He then heard the children screaming and knew he had to get the family out of the car in front of him.

“I was 21 years in the Marine Corps, and my training just kicked in,” Childress said.

Childress led Moctezuma and her two children, all of whom were unharmed, as they crawled down to the bottom of the bridge away from the gunfire.

“He’s my hero,” Moctezuma said. “He’s my hero.”

A California Highway Patrol dispatcher said the department responded to reports of gunfire but could not provide details. A Riverside County Fire Department dispatcher said the agency was requested to respond to Box Springs Boulevard and Eastridge Avenue.
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There's some very rarely captured video of the gunfight taken by a woman and man who were nearby. I'd expect it will be available soon. About 2 minutes long.
A CHP officer had pulled over a white pickup truck at about 5:30 p.m. on a road just off Interstate 215 east of Los Angeles, Riverside police spokesman Ryan Railsback said. He didn't immediately know why the car was stopped.

The CHP decided to impound the truck and a tow had been called when the driver reached into the back of his pickup — apparently to retrieve personal items — but instead grabbed a rifle and opened fire, authorities said.

The CHP later tweeted that one officer had died. There was no immediate word on the conditions of the other officers.

Family members identified the officer as 33-year-old Andre Moye, Jr., who was married and had been with the CHP about four years.
She needs to subscribe to Reader's Digest for the "How To Improve Your Vocabulary" feature. And a better video has been shown locally here on KCAL 9. The "audio" of it was broadcast on radio as I was driving home from the store.
So a felon in possession of a rifle that isn't even legal in CA. How does that work with those tough CA gun laws? Must be they need some more laws because guaranteed the next 1 or 30 laws should work.
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So a felon in possession of a rifle that isn't even legal in CA. How does that work with those tough CA gun laws? Must be they need some more laws because guaranteed the next 1 or 30 laws should work.
Agreed! Commiefornia is in desperate need of more gun control laws.
"Must be they need some more laws" ............"Commiefornia is in desperate need of more gun control laws"

And you can rest, assured that wherever DEMOCRATS in legislature hold majority, we will get more laws. In fact, it could almost go without saying, couldn't it?
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