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> Former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke at Northwestern University in Illinois on Tuesday night

> Numerous appearances by conservative speakers on the nation’s college campuses have been disrupted or postponed in recent years amid what’s come to be called “cancel culture” – the efforts by some groups to silence any speakers with whom they disagree.

> Sessions’ speech, titled “The Real Meaning of the Trump Agenda,” was sponsored by Northwestern’s College Republicans, whose decision to invite the former Trump Cabinet member was debated on campus for weeks.
Nevertheless, an informal poll taken Monday by campus publication North by Northwestern found that 90 percent of respondents thought Sessions should be allowed to speak on campus.

“I’m just gonna tell you: This is stupid. This is not right,” Sessions said at one point, according to tweets posted by Northwestern student journalists. “This great university … should not be putting up [with] this kind of trash.”

> Video posted online shows protesters trying to enter the building from a rear entrance – until a group of police officers intervenes.

Afterward, photos posted online showed the former U.S. senator from Alabama being escorted from the building by security officers.

The Daily Northwestern,
meanwhile, reports that some protesters, eager to get into the venue, had resorted to “climbing through open windows and pushing through doors.”



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If they want to silence folks, perhaps the police should silence them; give them a taste of what gestapo tactics really look like. No mommy to cry for, no puppy to cuddle, just the harsh reality of what a totalinarian regime would look like when they are the ones being repressed.
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The faculties, administrations and Board of Regents would disagree about the role you assume they play. This is the Leftist and Globalist Indoctrination Business, and nothing less than that!
and it's not going to change for the better
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