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  1. Buy/Sell/Trade Firearm Accessories
    Hello, I have an early model Winchester model 88 in 308. The gun has been I'm my family since new. It has been passed around from grandfather to uncles to cousins and now me. Sometime in its travels, it was relieved of its factory stock and was upgraded to a fancy wood Monte Carlo stock with...
  2. Shotgun Discussion
    I have a Winchester 1897 shotgun, D series, and I bought a box of 2 3/4 inch Waterfowl Steel shells. Is it fine to use this ammo or is it bad for the shotgun since it's steel running out of an older shotgun? EDIT: It's Federal Ammunition brand Speed Shok Water Fowl Steel BB shot ammunition that...
  3. Collectors Corner
    Received a group of 10 guns and this one has me stumped. I need to split up these guns between my sons and don't know the value of this gun. Anyone have any idea?
  4. Shotgun Discussion
    Yesterday, I acquired a 1928 Model 12, its not in bad shape or great shape, wondering what the best way to clean it would be, and is it still safe to fire?
  5. General Gunsmithing
    So a while back a buddy of mine was cleaning house and sold me his old Winchester 120. The inside of barrel, action, and internals are all fine and dandy but there's a lot of surface corrosion on the outside and I was wondering what I could do (if anything) to clean the gun up a little, or just...
  6. Shotgun Discussion
    The only reason I ask is I have got a Winchester 97 but it has 2 barrels bother matching to the receiver. Both are 28in but one has a adjustable choke. My question is how much would it hurt the value of the set if I cut the plain 28 inch barrel? seeing as i do have 2. also a point that might be...
  7. New Members Introduction
    I'm new and I know it! Any answers or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I've done some basic research and I have an idea of what I have. It was manufactured in 1907 and 2869 were made that year. I've seen measurements that don't fit what I have for a barrel length. From tip to tip...
  8. General Gunsmithing
    I have what appears to be a Winchester Model 54 originally chambered for 22 Swift but which has been rechambered for 222 Winchester. I can't tell what variation it is, as there is no checkering but the also no finger groove on the forestock. My question is can anyone help me with maintenance for...
  9. Rifle Discussion
    its a pump 22 rifle. says Winchester Model 67a? but when i search for that nothing comes up? when i search pump 22 rifle none come up that looks like it? it has the action outside the body? just would like to know what it is..i need to buy a magazine tube for it and not sure what magazine tube...
  10. Rifle Discussion
    We have a Winchester model 60 .22 cal. It appears that this rifle never have a serial number from the factory. Is this true? I field stripped it down and couldn't find any serial numbers on it. I'd like to know the date of manufacture of it if possible. Thanks.
  11. Want to Buy Forum
    I am looking for Lyman sites for a Winchester 69A. I think the rear sight is a Lyman #80 and the front is a Lyman #75. Any information on how I could aquire thses items would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all............
  12. New Members Introduction
    Hi my name is Dane, I'm from Montana and I have a Winchester Model 94 30-30 from the nuke testing in the early 40s. My great grandfather was known as the Atomic Cowboy, he herded the cows into the nuke zone after the bombs were dropped to see the effects they had. Anyway the gun is in...
  13. Rifle Discussion
    I'm collecting the Winchester 94 big bores and I need a full list of all of the calibers, I have a .307, a .356, a .375, and a .444, but I want to know if there are others.
  14. Rifle Discussion
    I have this Winchester 1885 single shot barrel. What makes it so rare. I get a lot of people emailing me that they want it. They have a very deep interest. can you explain any history about this type barrel, thanks...john
  15. Rifle Discussion
    I have a Winchester 30 inch round barrel number 3 style A 32 40 original barrel. It is new but of course old. How many of these barrels were made in round. how rare is this one.?
  16. Buy/Sell/Trade Firearm Accessories
    I got a Winchester model 94 pre-1964 for an early Christmas, I want to put a scope on it for hunting; and i don't know where to get the right mounts for it. thus, i turned to the forums
1-16 of 16 Results