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  1. Rimfire Central
    ...readily available, has some info / non-bias reviews online... that can be very reliably shot and ejected, from a mid to full size, high end, all steel, mainstream (Smith / Ruger) revolver.
  2. Blackpowder
    I bought a used black powder revolver (replica) and it has been really fun to shoot. The holster he gave me with it fits it nicely but did not come from the manufaturer. I was checking it out and I noticed it was stamped with the Smith "SW" but what I am trying to find information about is the...
  3. General Gun Discussion
    Hey guys. I recently received my Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 long rifle from And when I go to Walmart, their .22LR ammo is always bought up. And I was reading the manual that came with the gun earlier. It said that CCI Stinger Ammunition 22 Long Rifle works best with the gun...
  4. Revolver Discussions
    with permission from an administrator, i'd like to post a link to the item listing on gunbroker to give everyone more info. i just bought this gun off gunbroker for $250. the handle says it's from 1914, but i'm not sure if that's accurate. the lisitng said it is a 455 eley. does anybody know...
1-4 of 5 Results