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    Hello Everyone, I am from Hershey, PA. I am a collector of vintage guns and accessories. I'm kind of new at it. I have been searching for information on items and found this forum. So, I thought I would join and learn..HA HA. I've recently acquired a few leather gun cases and have been...
  2. I love love some information on this antique presentation rifle case.

    Collectors Corner
    I really don't know anything about it
  3. Alright, What do I have here?

    Collectors Corner
    My dad has this gun his dad gave it to him and my dad has no idea where my grandpa got it. He thinks my great grandpa may have brought it here from Serbia in the early 1900s. About the gun: The trigger folds up. You have to cock the hammer to be able to pull the trigger. There is some...
  4. Antique micro pistol. Looking for any info on it!

    Collectors Corner
    I have this tiny WORKING pistol. It looks very old and I know really nothing about it. Anyone have any leads that might help me track down info on it?
  5. Help Identify My Vintage Mauser 300S Rifle

    Rifle Discussion
    Hi, I recently came across this vintage bolt action rifle and know very little about it. I was told that it is a Mauser set up for 300S rounds. At the time, I didn't realize how old the gun was, but after examining it more closely, it seems that the receiver fits the wooden stock perfectly...
  6. Info on the Cooey model 60 ( Ranger )

    Rifle Discussion
    Ive looked threw lots of gun books and on the internet but i cant find the price range for a mint condition Cooey model 60. Although any information on this .22 will be greatly appreciated, Im really looking for the price range of this gun, and also some instructions because i cant seem to...