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  1. Help a Dane with his college assignment about Gun culture in USA!

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    Hey everyone! My name is Karl-Emil i am from Denmark and im about to write a big assignment in school about gun culture in USA. I need to write the assignment with socialstudies and in english. Right now i am researching for stuff for my assignment, and thought maybe i could ask some Americans...
  2. Hello All! Veteran Owned business looking for input!

    General Gun Discussion
    Hey guys, Ive been on here for a few years now, and it never ceases to amaze me- HOW MUCH EXPERIENCE from all around our Nation gathers in one place. This would make me a bonafide idiot not to come here for opinions. Quick snip about me: I was 5 years A/D US Navy, My rate...
  3. Gun Rights Versus Anecdotes

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Gun Rights Versus Anecdotes Which side wins depends on whether one can reason or simply react emotionally. Letters and an ad from gun rights hating groups For a while back in the Winter, a retired philosophy professor (who wants to remain anonymous) and I exchanged a few...
  4. Yes yes yes

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    I received the email just now. I am now a permanent resident I will recieve my card in 30 days I can not wait :biggrin5: