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  1. Hello interested in targets and target shooting

    New Members Introduction
    Hello NGF, I am interested in all things target and target shooting. I would like to know what everyone likes and dislikes about their targets. What they consider the best targets to be. What they shoot targets with ect. I have some ideas on what I think the perfect targets are but not sure...
  2. Another site for free printable targets

    General Gun Discussion
    A site with free printable targets - Evotech | Downloads
  3. Tutorial: How to make a Clay Pigeon Target Holder

    Shooting Reports
    Hi guys. I spent a few minutes making a couple of videos and uploaded them to my YouTube channel and I thought a lot of shooters out there could use the knowledge on how to make cheap and very effective clay pigeon target holders and target stands. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Part 1...
  4. Air Gun Targets

    Airguns & Such
    This afternoon I had fun trying to make some targets using OpenOffice's presentation suite. I posted them as jpegs here-- Free Rifle Targets These are just bullseyes. You can right click and save them. I've figured out how to make them now. My next iteration will print darker and probably...