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  1. Shooting range near St. Lois Missouri

    General Gun Discussion
    Hello guys, I am new to a forum. I recently purchased M&P 15-22 sport (.22) and I am looking for an outside shooting range where I can shoot some metal targets. I know there are several indoor and outdoor shooting ranges but they all seem like do not provide any metal shooting targets. I...
  2. Need Help Choosing a Hand Gun! Im a Newbie!!!

    General Gun Discussion
    Hello :) I am looking for a good gun recommendation for my needs. I want to get a hand gun for protection. But first I want to be comforatable with a gun, and I plan on going to the shooting range by my house and do some target practice. So here is what I want :) : -Something Good For Target...
  3. Sig Sauer P226

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    hello, I'm trying to find a pistol to go target shooting with and while doing research I discovered the Sig P226 and after watching videos I became interested in the gun and was wondering if there are any other handguns I should look into that would serve my purpose better. Any suggestion is...
  4. J. Stevens Model 10 Target 22 question

    General Gun Discussion
    Hey shooters, first time user here. On with the business. I have a J. Stevens Model 10 tip-up 22 pistol. I found a new set of pistol grips for it and i plan on polishing it up and re-bluing the barrel. The ONLY thing I need for it is the barrel latch. I shot a few round the other day and the...
  5. Shooting at the Range

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    I went to the range today to shoot my new Sig Sauer SP2022 for the first time. It was only my second time shooting and I'm pretty pleased with how well I shot. I shot this target from what I approximated to be 10 and 25 yards, and then finished it off with some headshots. :lol: Let's see...
  6. Handgun Diagnostics Target

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
  7. Wackiest Target!

    General Gun Discussion
    Name the wackiest target you have ever shot at...