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  1. Concealed Carry
    Here is a quick video of the Kusiak holster for the Glock 43. Here you get to see the re holstering, easy to draw out gun and easy to re-holster. We just moved our online store check it out :cornut: Kusiak Leather IWB Holsters - Concealed Carry Holster - Pressed Molded for a Perfect...
  2. Rifle Discussion
    Does anyone know where I can find one of those or know someone who can do this?
  3. Rifle Discussion
    Can someone explain the difference here. Are only certain guns considered tactical, certain calibers, or is it simply what accessories the gun can accept? Any link would be appriciated, thanks guys
  4. Rifle Discussion
    hello i have ben looking at getting a sniper style rifle.... i have many hunting guns....270,30-06,22-250,7 mag, but i want somthing that is more tactical, there are just sooooooo many different styles and looks and sizes.... i am really liking the 308 caliber but i dont want just ur daddys deer...
1-4 of 4 Results