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  1. Holster for Star PS .45 APC

    Concealed Carry
    Is there a holster that is good for concealing a Star PS? I know it's not the ideal gun for carrying concealed but it's my only option at the moment until I can get my hands on a S&W Airweight .38 any input is welcomed. Thanks everyone!
  2. Can anyone identify this gun?

    Collectors Corner
    I believe it was manufactured around 1906 and made by STAR. The gun has no model or serial number. The only engravings on the pistol are: "STar- MADE IN SPAIN CAL 6.35" left side, ( and "READ OWNERS MANUAL BEFORE...
  3. Star PS .45 acp magazine

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    I have enhereted a star ps model .45 acp unfortunately my grandfather only had one mag for it and I was wondering if anyone knew of a website or gun shop near New Orleans that would be able to get mags and parts for this beautiful weapon.
  4. WTB: Working Star 30M 9mm

    Want to Buy Forum
    I have one already. I want another one though. Someone let me know if they got it and we can make a deal.