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  1. Collectors Corner
    Recently a friend gave me a plastic bag with parts of an Iver Johnson Defender .32RF '89 spurtrigger. I managed to re-assemble the revolver but one mystery remains: the cylinder stop spring is missing and I don't have a clue what it looks like and how to assemble it. Any help very welcome!
  2. Airguns & Such
    hello, what size mounts fit the webley sport and can someone please recommend me a decent scope that is under 60 pound?
  3. General Gunsmithing
    So I bought a Heritage Rough Ryder .22 caliber revolver from a friend of mine, and I then gave it to my brother. The friend needed money to make it through a school, so I did him a favor and got a sidearm for my brother. So anyway, after firing it a few times we noticed that if you point it at...
1-3 of 3 Results