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  1. S&W 686 loose grip issue.

    Revolver Discussions
    Hi all, I have recently bought a Smith and Wesson 686 plus (6 inch) last February; which I havent shot yet having the ranges closed because of the Covid situation and all. I have noticed that the frame feels a little loose from the grip. Is that I should be worried about or is that normal...
  2. New to the gun world.

    New Members Introduction
    I'm new to the gun world but I've done a fair amount of research and I'm pretty set on getting a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 sport .22 LR. .22 ammo is cheap , and I won't be hunting w the gun just mostly target shooting so it should be a good gun to learn on. Everywhere I've looked online it's got...
  3. Should I go with the Sig P365 or the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 2.0 as my next buy?

    Concealed Carry
    Should I go with the Sig P365 or the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 2.0 as my next buy? I am in need of a new carry pistol. I have been Concealed carrying a 1911 Government model, and quite frankly, that is becoming annoying (especially in the summer months). I live in Idaho, so I have to bundle-up...
  4. What do you all think about this little lovely chunk of steel the new M&P 380 EZ?

    General Gun Discussion
    Honestly, I thought I was going to have a lot of negative about it since I really don't like 380 auto. But this thing is pretty wicked. What do you all think of it?
  5. Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport II or Ruger AR 556 for my first AR?

    Rifle Discussion
    Hello everyone, was wondering which of these ARs are better for my first AR. Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport II or Ruger AR 556? I read plenty of reviews and both seem to be in a deadlock (like me right now). Thanks in advance folks!
  6. Smith & Wesson British Service Revolver

    Collectors Corner
    Here is my Smith & Wesson British Service Revolver. If I've got the moniker right it's a S&W Model of 1905 4th Change. Basically, it's a Victory Model without the V-serial number. It's chambered for .38 s&w and it's great shooter with little recoil. The sights are very small, but it seems...
  7. Which Red Dot To Get?!

    Firearm Accessories
    So I'm trying to find an affordable red dot that I can put on my S&W M&P15 Sport. I am really leaning toward the Vortex Sparc II, but I wanted other suggestions before the purchase. Any other better options for under $250? Let me know thanks!
  8. New Member From Boise, ID

    New Members Introduction
    Greetings, I live in Boise, ID and I have been looking for a good forum site to expand my knowledge on guns. My interest began about 2 years ago when I got married and my father-in-law gave me a .44 lever action Rossi. Since then I have purchased a Smith Wesson m&p .40 as well as a windham...
  9. Ruger SR9 vs Smith and Wesson M&p 9

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    Hi there, I'm currently buying my first gun and was looking for any input or suggestions. I'm a new shooter so I'm not looking for anything fancy or expensive, right now the two models I'm caught between is the M&P 9 and the Ruger SR-9. While everyone tells me the S&W is my best bet and I like...
  10. New member eager to learn

    New Members Introduction
    Hey guys how's it going I'm new to this site but always had a real interest and respect for guns big fan of the fn five seven and m4 I'm currently in progress of joining my local police department and plan on taking some gun course at my local gun range the gun of choice I've been told to get...
  11. Glock 22 Conversion Kits on Sigma SW40VE

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    I know they do not make a 22lr conversion kit for the sigmas but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the possibility of using one of the many 22lr conversion kits for Glock on the SW40VE. I know that the SW40VE is similar in most respects to the Glock 23 so I figured I would see if...
  12. Any info on this 38 S&W Special CTG???

    Revolver Discussions
    I have a S&W .38 Special that I'm trying to find out an age or any other info on. I was told it was my great great grandfather's when he was a police officer for the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. Not familiar at all with guns, so bear with me! I believe the S/N is on the butt of...
  13. Need help with S&W 38 spl. ID

    Collectors Corner
    Here it is, the Pics show pretty much everything, the SN on the cyl matches the butt, but the # on the yoke is different... Any ideas on value? thanks for the help!
  14. Ruger Revolvers

    Revolver Discussions
    I am looking at the different revolvers that Ruger has and i was wondering which one had exceptional quality and durability. I dont mind if it is Single action, Double action, or both. I would prefer something .357 mag but a .44 mag would be fine. I would also prefer something with a larger...