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  1. General Gunsmithing
    Hello. I'm on my way to restoring my SKS to its original configuration. However, I've run into a roadblock. My SKS has a plastic (Tapco?) front sight post from the original owner. I've been trying to get this thing out but it looks like the material is worn down because my front sight tool...
  2. Rifle Discussion
    Hi All! I found this sks for sale and it is confusing the heck out of me since I can't seem to find anything online that matches this usually there are Chinese characters and the three triangle markings don't seem to fit anything i've seen so far anyone help shed some light on this and if it is...
  3. Rifle Discussion
    Hello all, I need help on deciding upon a beginner rifle to get, yet also a rifle that will last me. I live in Connecticut where the laws are pretty restricted when it comes to semiautomatic centerfire rifles. I already know for a fact that I’ll build my own AR and/or AK some day, but in the...
  4. Rifle Discussion
    So after cleaning this old Norinco SKS of cosmoline and oiling it up, I went to reassemble the darn thing and it went together just fine up until I went to lock it up with the takedown pin. Lo and behold the pin got stuck just shy of going through the opposite end, i.e. there's a few millimeters...
  5. General Gunsmithing
    Just grabbed an SKS off of my grandma who knows about this much about the weapon: Her sons got it for her 15 years ago for hunting. Why they did that I have no idea. It's been shot about 10 times. It's been stored since the first year she got it. It's completely stock. *EDIT* After looking...
  6. Sks

    Rifle Discussion
    I'm thinking of buying a sks, probably a Chinese one. I know they were cheap a few years ago, but does anyone know how much they go for now?
  7. Rifle Discussion
    One of my co-workers has an SKS for sale and I am interested in buying it, but I have no idea what questions to ask to make sure that neither of us gets the short end of the stick in the deal. So I was wondering what a fair price is for an SKS and what kind of questions I need to ask about the...
  8. Gun Related Pictures
    Just picked this up while working in La. and Ms. This month have not had a chance to fire them yet, Cant wait to get home and Hit the range. ALL were purchased from pawn stores thur out the states. norico sks rossi circuit judge saiga 12 ishapore 2a1
  9. Firearm Accessories
    I recently bought an older SKS rifle, I'm pretty sure it's Yugoslavian but I'm not 100% sure. I found a synthetic stock online that I like, but before I order it want to be sure it will fit. It's an Advances Technology SKS Strikeforce stock [youcan''rvemade15.substantive...
1-9 of 9 Results