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  1. Crooked/Diagonal Muzzle Sight? (NORICA TITAN)

    General Gun Discussion
    Hey everyone, I recently purchased a Norica Titan, and I used it for a day, got home and then it fell from a standing up position (leaning on the wall, butt on floor, slid down). Now, I'm not sure the if fall caused it or something else while it was in the car, but the sight on the muzzle...
  2. Ruger GP100 .22 LR Factory Sight Settings Question

    Revolver Discussions
    Here’s a few good pictures of the sights: Ruger GP100 in .22 LR - The Firearm Blog American Rifleman | Tested: Ruger GP100 10-Shot .22 LR Revolver On mine, the front (dovetail, push adjustable) is off center to the right... and the rear (screw/tool adjustable) is off center to the left...
  3. Mossberg 835 questions!?

    Shotgun Discussion
    So recently picked up my Mossberg 835. I love the gun but hate the sights the rear sight is all over the place. I recently bought a Mount to put a red dot on it just waiting fo the red dot to come in. So my question is, How do i remove the sights that are currently on it? no reason to have a...
  4. Help with replacement sights

    Firearm Accessories
    So I just got a Zastava M88A and the first thing I noticed was that the iron sights aren't very good. Could I get some recommendations on where I could get replacement sights for it, this is my first pistol so the help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
  5. Winchester Model 69A Parts & Restoration

    Want to Buy Forum
    I am looking for Lyman sites for a Winchester 69A. I think the rear sight is a Lyman #80 and the front is a Lyman #75. Any information on how I could aquire thses items would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all............
  6. Got Lasers?

    Gun Related Pictures
    Found this pic and thought I would share it with ya folks. This is one way to make sure you don't miss!
  7. MAGPUL MBUS Front and Rear?

    General Gun Discussion
    Ok I am looking into getting new front and rear MBUS sights and the magpuls I am leaning too, I dont know much about them and I was wondering if anyone can lead me in the right direction. First of all I have Matech rear flip up sight, and a the standard flip up front sight that the RRA people...
  8. Trouble Identifying a sight.

    Firearm Accessories
    I wish to use a similar sight with a high profile front iron sight; however, the closest I've found is a micro reflex. Can anyone help me identify the sight pictured below or point me to something similar? Note: I would go for a larger sight, but I have OCD and have to stick to a minimalistic...
  9. Help finding a quick release picatinny rail scope mount.Please

    Firearm Accessories
    So i really to order some Magpul back-up sights as found at the website Except,i also want to have something like a 3x9 scope.Need a scope with a mount that can be released quickly from the picatinny rail atop my rifle,but it also needs to sit high...
  10. Let’s talk optics … TEACH ME!

    Firearm Accessories
    I want to know what Close Quarters Combat (CQC) optics are being used, and what is the most reliable, and cost effective for the AR-15. I am building a 16” A3 and only require accurate shots from 20 yards out to 100 yards, off hand. I am not looking to shoot this setup any further. Trijicon...