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  1. Firearm Accessories
    I have a GearHead Works Razorback Riser Rail on my X95. I have front and rear Magpul iron sights. I have a budget of $500-$600. I need a red dot sight that provides full co-witness with a 2 MOA dot or better. I'd like the sight adjustments to be at least 0.5 per click or better. So to speed up...
  2. Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    Hi all, New CCL owner, Im having a difficult time deciding between the VP 9, XDM and the PPQ M2. Give me some advice on any of them if you've ever owned one before? Trigger Recoil Accuracy Fit Price Looks Also interested in a good holster, and a good red dot sight. Any idea's on a good...
  3. General Gunsmithing
    I am needing to get a sight pusher, one that won't scratch up people's sights. I am needing one for Glock, M&P Ful/Compact, M&P Shield, and 1911. From the looks of it I am needing to buy 4 different sight pushers, I can't use those universal sight pushers that are only $60 because they scratch...
1-3 of 3 Results