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    Hello All, first time post... weird question. A friend in high school lend me his shotgun before leaving to the navy. He was discharged and brought up on felony charges not long after he left... The gun remained in my possession for several years (the owner and myself remained in contact every...
  2. General Gun Discussion
    I'm going on my very first deer hunt this year. I'm looking at what I want to shoot with. I currently hunt turkey and fowl with a Mossberg 835 but the barrel is not compatible with slugs. Should I buy a barrel that can handle slugs or should I just buy a rifle? If I do stick with the shotgun...
  3. Collectors Corner
    Remington Model 10-A with serial number 166xxx. Anyone have any idea on a manufacture date?
  4. Shotgun Discussion
    My grandpa got me this shotgun when I was younger. I don't really know anything about it. Single-shot, break action, 16ga What can you guys tell me about it? I believe this reads: PATENTED D DEC.15.91 OCT.2.94 AUG.11.96 AUG.14.00 MAY.27.0 Along the top of the barrel it reads: THE...
  5. Shotgun Discussion
    Hey, I have an old Stevens savage, singleshot 12 that I use for turkey. I'm trying to mount a scope on it but I am not in the market to have my barrel drilled and tapped. Any suggestions on an alternative way of mounting it. I'm willing to have like a bracket comin around from the foregrip if...
  6. Gun Related Pictures
    please help me out and identify this gun if possible from these two pictures.
  7. Shotgun Discussion
    i own a westernfield M550AD 12 Gauge Shotgun which i've been informed same comparison as a Mossberg 500 anyway i have a 2 3/4 30 inch full choke barrel which is just too long for me!!! wishing to buy a 18 1/2 barrel i have the following link below please any help or even more links can be...
  8. Shotgun Discussion
    i just purchased a pistol stock i read that this specific model i own is just as the Mossberg 500 soo i ordered this very mediocre with shotguns your advice is much appreciated thanks
  9. Shotgun Discussion
    I recently purchased a Charles Daly Pump 12 Gauge Shotgun. It says 3" Field on the barrel. Examining the barrel it's not rifled (no spiraling) and appears to be smooth (smooth bore?). I'm trying to figure out what type of shotgun shell to purchase for it. I assume 3", but not sure what type. I...
  10. General Gun Discussion
    i bought a storage unit and inside found a box with 6 gun stocks in it i was just wondering if anyone knew what kind of stock it was or what kind of parts will fit onto it
  11. Shotgun Discussion
  12. General Gun Discussion
    Ok so I am looking for a rifle/shotgun combination gun for hiking/backpacking hunting. I was looking at the FinnClasic 512S online but they seem to be more of a custumizing type gun then I expected. I also heard Savage used to make them but I can't seem to find any around. I have also always...
  13. Shotgun Discussion
    I was wondering if anyone could give me more information about this shotgun. From what i have read it appears to be pretty rare. On top of more info, what would something like this go for? Removed Link as Per Forum Rules
  14. General Gunsmithing
    Does anyone know of any efficient and easy to build/maintain repeating (pump, semi, or full auto) shotgun ejector designs. I am working on a design for a repeating airsoft shotgun that uses 410 shells but I am having trouble coming up with an efficient ejector design that won't get in the way of...
  15. Collectors Corner
    I have a Long Tom Shotgun that was passed down to me. My Great Grandpa bought it USED in 1917 with a box of shells wired to the trigger guard. I have been searching for years on the history, worth, age, and basic info on this gun. I have heard that it isn't worth much because they are...
  16. Shotgun Discussion
    Hey everyone so I'm looking to buy a new shotgun and I'm stuck. I've been browsing everything online but I was hoping for some real input on here. I have a mossberg 500, I like it but I have a problem with the firing pin and some surface rust... (That's what happens when you let a friend borrow...
  17. Firearm Accessories
    I wish to use a similar sight with a high profile front iron sight; however, the closest I've found is a micro reflex. Can anyone help me identify the sight pictured below or point me to something similar? Note: I would go for a larger sight, but I have OCD and have to stick to a minimalistic...
  18. Shotgun Discussion
    My Browning does not eject shells after the first shot, making the semi-auto not work and the shells must be manually ejected after every shot. ive heard that your supposed to change the friction ring to make it fire Lighter loads to make it eject properly, but ive tried the lighter load setting...
  19. Gun Related Pictures
    i need to add a few more but this is what i got done in one day. its a challenge! its my own version i guess.... lol
  20. Shotgun Discussion
    If you've shot or own the new Remington Versa Max I'd like to hear your thoughts. I'm new to FL and would like to buy a high end duck gun to replace my old Rem 870.