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shotgun adapters

  1. mossberg 500/590a

    Shotgun Discussion
    I recently purchased a mossberg 500 in 12g, I also purchased a stock and forend from a mossberg 590a do I need the longer action slide tube 7-5/8 to fit the forend. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. 9mm Shotgun Adapters

    Shotgun Discussion
    Short Lane has been making some nice shotgun adapters that mimic a shotgun shell and allow you to fire smaller ammunition out of your existing shotgun. I reviewed their 20 gauge to 38 Special and 22 LR before and they sent me their new 9mm version. Quite accurate though I think 9mm might be too...
  3. Shotgun adapters?

    Firearm Accessories
    Does anyone know of a legit place to by shotgun adapters? I'm interested in trying to shoot different shot in my guns. I think chamber adapters maybe a better term. I heard about them and wondered about there purpose i guess.