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  1. New Members Introduction
    Hey All! Happy to join the group. I love shooting, one of my favorite ways to mediate, or enter the flow state. I have an m14 socom and a glock 19 out here in Phoenix Arizona. Love to help you out however I can! I've also got a piece of land with a 8 shooting rages on it that I'm helping a...
  2. Shooting Reports
    Just bought my first rifle I can actually own. It's a savage 30-06 xp hunter or whatever. I took it out to the range today and just used standard 150 grain cartridges but man oh man it hit my shoulder like nothing before. I have shot many rifles and shotguns alike from 300 win mag to 12 gauge...
  3. Full Auto Weapons
    Hiya folks. Long time reader, first time poster :) I'm an Australian, who is planning to go on a holiday to the US some time in the next year or so, and as part of my trip, i want to fire an automatic weapon. In australia, you can only get pistol ranges, and while I've fired up to a .50...
1-3 of 3 Results