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  1. Big Business vs. the Second Amendment

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    We would say it is a clever idea if it wasn’t so devious. Big businesses can circumvent the Bill of Rights more efficiently than the government could ever hope to, and even claim they’re doing so for a good cause. In our latest article we talk all about how big tech and big money are cracking...
  2. Washington Times Journalist requesting feedback from gun owners

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Greetings – my name is Tiffany Madison and I’m an independent journalist with Washington Times Digital Media. My column is titled Citizen Warrior and I cover civil liberties and veteran’s issues. Gun control is a hot topic as legislators attempt to introduce a wide array of measures to restrict...
  3. Help save our guns!

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    Click the link below to help get this petition going. If we reach 25,000 signatures it will make its way to the white house. all we need is 150 and it will be posted on the we the people website where it is publicly viewable and it will be at the white house in no time. After signing it tell us...
  4. Second Amendment Decision-Best of Both (Urban and Rural) Gun Worlds

    General Gun Discussion
    As a gun owner and urban gun violence prevention activist I'm pleased with the recent historic Supreme Court decision on the Second Amendment. For more than 10 years I've been advocating for responsible national gun policies that effectively reduce gun access by kids, criminals and terrorists...