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  1. Barrett MRAD

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  2. Scopes under 200$?

    Firearm Accessories
    I'm trying to get my ducks in a row to make a purchase this Christmas. I was going to buy a savage 110 hunter XP with sights Pre-mounted and bore sighted in. On my first post on the forum I very quickly found out that that would be a terrible decision. Due to the lack of durability and...
  3. Opinions on the Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical 3-9x 40mm

    Firearm Accessories
    Hey all, I'm looking at the Diamondback Tactical 3-9x 40mm by Vortex Optics. I plan on putting it on a bolt-action .270 and wanted opinions on it before I buy. My real question is: is there any reason I shouldn't buy this scope?
  4. Burris XTR II Xtreme Tactical Rifle Scope: Overview

    Firearm Accessories
    A little earlier this year, I finally purchased a new piece of precision equipment. I purchased a high quality scope (glass) to mount on my long range precision rifle. After months of research trying to figure out what I wanted, and what would meet my particular needs, I decided to drop the...
  5. Just got an SKS - Scope?

    General Gunsmithing
    Just grabbed an SKS off of my grandma who knows about this much about the weapon: Her sons got it for her 15 years ago for hunting. Why they did that I have no idea. It's been shot about 10 times. It's been stored since the first year she got it. It's completely stock. *EDIT* After looking...
  6. Which Red Dot To Get?!

    Firearm Accessories
    So I'm trying to find an affordable red dot that I can put on my S&W M&P15 Sport. I am really leaning toward the Vortex Sparc II, but I wanted other suggestions before the purchase. Any other better options for under $250? Let me know thanks!
  7. Weapon Accessories, 45mW PEQ-15's, MK4 & Spotting Leupold Scopes, Horus Scopes

    Buy/Sell/Trade Firearm Accessories
    I recently( in July) bought a storage unit at an auction and it had some New and some used PEQ-15's in it as well as some random sights and spotting scopes. I am in the military Active Duty so I was quite concerned about the fact that they might have been stolen. I have called and asked NCIC...
  8. Rule violation

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    5. This area is provided as a benefit to members in good standing of the NationalGunForum community. In order to ensure that the privilege to sell here is extended only to those members, all sellers must have 15 substantive posts prior to listing any item for sale. Our Moderators have the final...
  9. Scope Cant

    Rifle Discussion
    Hi all, I've just mounted a scope on my Remington 700 SPS Tactical--it's my first time mounting a scope and I just feel like it's a little off. I used a few techniques to get it aligned. Using two levelers, one on top of the scope and the other inside the chamber Looking through the scope...
  10. New Guy needs to buy new rifle set up for Moose hunting in Quebec. Please help me out

    Rifle Discussion
    First off I’m open to your suggestions. These are only ideas that I have come up with thus far as a starting point. I’m new to all of this and needed somewhere to start from. Situation:I have an opportunity to go Moose hunting for my first time this November in Quebec. I don’t currently own...
  11. Scope mounting on a break shotgun.

    Shotgun Discussion
    Hey, I have an old Stevens savage, singleshot 12 that I use for turkey. I'm trying to mount a scope on it but I am not in the market to have my barrel drilled and tapped. Any suggestions on an alternative way of mounting it. I'm willing to have like a bracket comin around from the foregrip if...
  12. Good Scope For A 30-30?

    Firearm Accessories
    I have a Marlin lever-action 30-30 I'm hoping to hunt whitetails with this season and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a good scope, my price range is about $80-$160.
  13. Putting a scope on my VEPR 7.62x54r

    Rifle Discussion
    Hello all, I'm looking to put a scope on my VEPR, however i'm concerned about the larger amount recoil due to the larger 7.62x54r cartridge. I plan to use the following mount due to the aperture sight that replaces your rear iron sights. AK-47 Beryl Style Scope Mount with QD Flip-up Sight...
  14. Extended scope rail for Anschutz Match 54

    New Members Introduction
    Hello: I would like to mount a NF 8-32x56BR scope on my Anschutz Match 54 22LR of the year 1963. This rifle (which has been rarely used, thus being like new) 28" barrel, 12 lbs, has a single rail for the diopter. The fittest extended rail I have detected on internet is "DIP Anschutz 54 Action...
  15. Help finding a quick release picatinny rail scope mount.Please

    Firearm Accessories
    So i really to order some Magpul back-up sights as found at the website Except,i also want to have something like a 3x9 scope.Need a scope with a mount that can be released quickly from the picatinny rail atop my rifle,but it also needs to sit high...
  16. Wanted: scope mounts for a pre 64 win. model 94

    Buy/Sell/Trade Firearm Accessories
    I got a Winchester model 94 pre-1964 for an early Christmas, I want to put a scope on it for hunting; and i don't know where to get the right mounts for it. thus, i turned to the forums
  17. Tips on a Scope for my .270

    Rifle Discussion
    I just got a tikka .270 and I want to outfit it with a scope pretty soon. I am most likely going to get a 3-9x40, and I want some suggestions. I just need a good all around scope, I will not be taking any really long shots. I am also not going to spend a fortune on a scope, one day I will, but...