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  1. Savage Mark II 22LR Barrel Diameter

    Rifle Discussion
    Hi Gang, Anyone here have a Mark II with a 21", Non-fluted barrel? I need to know the diameter of the barrel. There's lots of Ruger's for me to physically look at but not the Savage's. I need to know for a potential 3rd party stock. I will likely not purchase the rifle if not compatible with...
  2. Savage 110 Caliber Question

    Rifle Discussion
    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum not necessarily new to guns haven't done a whole lot of shooting in my life but am rapidly getting more involved in it. I am planning on treating myself this Christmas to a savage 110 Hunter/Trophy Hunter XP I'm almost positive I'm gonna chamber it at .308 being...
  3. Is the bullet supposed to be wedged in the barrel?

    Rifle Discussion
    So I bought a Savage Axis II XP two days ago, chambered in .308 Winchester. Everything is fine.. bolt, trigger (especially the Accutrigger :wink:), and cycling is well, pretty solid for a "budget rifle". However, I noticed that sometimes the cartridge wouldn't extract, which led me to think that...
  4. Savage 1895

    Rifle Discussion
    Hello! Second post on this site. This time regarding my Savage 1895 Rifle. Firstly, I must say. I fricken love the style of this gun. So ahead of it's time. It has a dial counter with an internal magazine, so you can see how many shots you have left. It should never come to it that you don't...
  5. Remington 783 or Savage Axis 2?

    Rifle Discussion
    Hello, I'm a first time poster so please excuse my poor format. However I am currently in the market for a first rifle, preferably a .308, although I am willing to settle for a .223. I have read numours reviews and articles for new budget rifles, and have been referd to the Remington 783, Savage...
  6. Help Identify My Vintage Mauser 300S Rifle

    Rifle Discussion
    Hi, I recently came across this vintage bolt action rifle and know very little about it. I was told that it is a Mauser set up for 300S rounds. At the time, I didn't realize how old the gun was, but after examining it more closely, it seems that the receiver fits the wooden stock perfectly...
  7. savage axis vs remington 700 sps

    Rifle Discussion
    I currently own a savage axis 30-06. I use it for hunting, and i have no problem taking out a pronghorn up to 300 yards away. However, i would like to be able to shoot longer distances. I would under no circumstances shoot an animal any further than 400 yards, but i would like to be able to hit...
  8. Stevens / Savage 86C questions

    Rimfire Central
    The Stevens (Savaga) model 86C is bolt action, tube feed, .22 S-L-LR. It was made in Chicopee MA, so I understand that means pre-1960. My questions are: 1) I read about the date code system for Stevens. Should this model have the date-letter marking? The only marks I can find are an "8", and...
  9. Savage or Howa Bull Barrel?

    Rifle Discussion
    Right now i have a savage .243 model 11 or 110(maybe a youth model), bought it from a friend who bought it at a gun show new, he didnt shoot it so i got to put the first bullet through and i dont know how old it is. but anyway the stock is extremely flimsy, could easily twist the barrel out of...
  10. Hey from Oregon

    New Members Introduction
    Excited to be apart of this forum and be involved! The guns that I have so far- Glock 17 Gen 4 Savage .270, I am eventually going to equip it with a bipod. Ruger 10/22 with Archangel 556 stock, fore grip, laser, Red dot scope. Also eventually going to install side rails and equip a flash...
  11. Any Savage 10 FP LE owners out there?

    Rifle Discussion
    I love mine, in .308, it is more accurate than I. Great trigger. Mine is the older model with the accutrigger but without the mag plate, mag capable option. I put a Stockade stock on mine and it made it all that much better. The newer models come equipped with an Accustock, and they are...
  12. What should i buy Ruger 10 22 or savage 64 .22

    Rifle Discussion
    Ive been debating on which gun i should get so i thought id ask on the forum, Ruger 10 22 vs savage 64 .22
  13. Savage Enfield - Should I buy?

    Rifle Discussion
    Hey, I'm new to this forum, and hoping some of you may be able to help me on a recent purchase I am about to make. I recently picked up a 1943 Mosin Nagant, that has spurred my interested in WWII rifles and collecting them. Next on my list to get is a Lee-Enfield No 4 MK I or MK I*. I have...
  14. Super Accurate .22

    Rifle Discussion
    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've posted (if any of you actually remember me :P )! So I've been seriously thinking about purchasing my first rifle (and first of many, many guns) for a long time now and I've decided that I want a Tac-driving .22LR that I can shoot hundreds of rounds...