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  1. Shotgun Discussion
    Hi, i am Spyros from Greece..i have a saiga 410 shotgun...and i like to make videos and experiments with that...lets put our videos here and talk about them..!!
  2. Gun Related Pictures
    Just picked this up while working in La. and Ms. This month have not had a chance to fire them yet, Cant wait to get home and Hit the range. ALL were purchased from pawn stores thur out the states. norico sks rossi circuit judge saiga 12 ishapore 2a1
  3. New Members Introduction
    Hey guys I'm a photojournalist in Columbia SC and I'd never fired a gun until this past weekend. On my 33rd birthday my friends took me out to fire some Russian Assault rifles out in the sticks of South Carolina. Here's a link to my photoblog about the day: {LINK DELETED PER FORUM RULES} I...
  4. Rifle Discussion
    Hi I was just wondering if anyone had either rifle? The differences? I put the SGL-23 on lay-a-way today for $750. A friend of mine has the 21 but I could only find the 23 so I got it. I hear good things about them both but wanted to hear what you all thought of the weapon? I'm excited, seems...
  5. General Gun Discussion
    Hello all, my name is Erin (but I'm a guy) and i turned 18 yesterday. I've wanted a rifle for a full dozen or more years, and now i can purchase my first one. I live in kentucky, by the way. I know I don't want a .22 or .223. I want to start with something bigger. I've fired many guns before...
1-5 of 6 Results