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  1. Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    Hi Everybody İ invented a new safety mechanism for semi automatic Handguns and Revolvers.İn the video i applied this system to a beretta 92 fs. Will be glad to here your thoughts about it.. Thank you
  2. Concealed Carry
    This is the first time I've been here and I do not have experience with guns. I may not be posting in the right place (I'm a chick so cut me some slack!). I have a question that is extremely important for me to find an answer to about a Raven Arms .25 caliber, automatic, chrome with a rubber...
  3. Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    As much as people hate this gun, I honestly like it quite a bit. I like the double to single, the heft, and the general design. However, I absolutely despise the safety on it, awkwardly placed and I've heard people have trouble with the safety flipping on in the holster. I hope this isn't a...
  4. General Gun Discussion
    I got some cheap 1Buck 12 gauge ammo and one of the rounds has fewer balls and the plastic disk capping the round is loose. Is it safe to fire the faulty round? The regular round is on the right. Edit: Sorry posted this on the wrong board and can't figure out how to delete it.
  5. Revolver Discussions
    I picked one up a couple of days ago, and I have a question that I can't find the answer too on the net, so I pose it here. Are you supposed to carry it on an empty chamber, like SAAs? Or does it have a pin block, like on modern revolvers? I'm thinking, since it is DA, and I don't see the pin...
  6. Tactics and Training
    So I am rather new to the gun world. I hadn't shot a "real" gun until I bought my first handgun. All of the people I go shooting with have been around guns all their lives and have taught me everything they know about safety. I have also done tons of reading online about gun safety and all that...
  7. Handloading and Reloading
    I have a box of Remington .22lr and all the bullets seem to be loose from the casing. Some only slightly, while others you can spin in a full circle in the casing. I don't notice any powder leaking out. Is this ammo safe? Maybe I just never noticed because I have never purchased a 550 round...
  8. General Gunsmithing
    Hello, I am sorry this is my first post haha. Glad to now be a part of the community. But sadly I founds this sight due to a problem I have. I disassmbled and reassembled my Mark III target pistol (I did not mess with the bolt,spring, firing pin set) and now it wont fire! Everything is together...
1-8 of 10 Results