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ruger 357

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  1. Revolver Discussions
    Mint in box 1980s Ruger GS33-ps issue to USPS but destroyed. The GS stands for Government Service and the - PS is Postal Service. Its even etched under grips. Most were used and or destroyed. Has box papers and all. Only shot thru 3 of 6 cylinders. Its verified because its 3 inch thru Ruger and...
  2. New Members Introduction
    Hello everyone, I am a greenhorn/novice in firearms. Just recently, I visited my local gun shop to purchase a handgun for self-defense purposes (after the Dallas police shooing, I don't think anyone is safe). The DOJ certified instructor was very helpful and informative, I've learned a great...
  3. Revolver Discussions
    Hey guys, thought I would share my results of a simple spring swap (trigger and hammer spring swap out) because I was pretty surprised by the difference of it. The factory trigger pull was really heavy and I felt that was unacceptable. For less than $20 bucks and a little elbow grease, it feels...
  4. General Gun Discussion
    Hi all. My uncle left me 4 guns and I'm ready to part w/ them. I need some info about how to LEGALLY sell these guns, what to expect, or even who to go to in my area (Seminole, Fl). The 4 guns are: Colt 1911 Ruger 357 Blackhawk JC Higgins Model 20 Shotgun Glenfield Rifle I don't know alot about...
1-4 of 4 Results