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  1. Revolver Discussions
    Hello, I have recently acquired said revolver and need to replace the hammer nose. I've been scouring the web. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. This is a pre Taurus model. Thanks.
  2. Revolver Discussions
    Does anyone know what kind of rifling an old Rossi .38 special uses? Is it button rifled or cut rifled? I have old Rossi Model 68 and I can't tell what kind of rifling it has and I've heard button rifling is more inaccurate.
  3. General Gun Discussion
    I realy like that you can change what ammunition you can use by changing the barrel and im fine with the 22lr and the 20 ga but i would like a 30-06. Rossi had a w modle that offerd the barrel for that but it was discontinued. If there are any suggestions id like to hear them... also i would...
  4. Revolver Discussions
    Hi everyone I have just been given a Rossi Model 68 (.38 Special) and I was just curious as to the history/age of this gun and any other information you have on it.There isn't that much on YouTube or Google so I figured I might try asking around here. Thanks!
  5. General Gun Discussion
    I have gotten an offer for trade for these 2 guns can anyone tell me which is better and worth more both are new in box also im a girl so which would be more comfortable. need asap thanks guys taurus judge ultra lite rossi .357 any help much appreciated
  6. Gun Related Pictures
    Just picked this up while working in La. and Ms. This month have not had a chance to fire them yet, Cant wait to get home and Hit the range. ALL were purchased from pawn stores thur out the states. norico sks rossi circuit judge saiga 12 ishapore 2a1
1-6 of 6 Results