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  1. Rimfire Central
    First time poster. Here is my question. I just bought a tuarus ply pt22 pistol. It is DAO and I want a way to dry fire it without damaging it. I have researched this on the web and with tuarus technical support and would like to get the real experts opinions. Here are the two way I propose to...
  2. Rimfire Central
    A couple of you (Mad Scientist and Kansas45, I think) asked for a range report on this new rifle, which, by the way, my wife hasn't commented on yet, although she must have seen the bill for it, and for the ammo as well. That silence, I think, is the product of 37 yrs marriage, out of which...
  3. Rimfire Central
    I have recently purchased a Ruger 22/45 slab sided barrel... I'd like to outfit it with a red dot scope. Is there a particular type I need to get? Which brands are worth getting??
  4. Rimfire Central
    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows what the minimum force you need to hit a .22lr( rimfire obviously) round is to reliably fire them? I've heard they're pretty sensitive..
1-4 of 4 Results