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  1. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    This being my first time on the forum im not positive if this question is being put in the wrong place or not. If i live in canada what animals can i shoot if i do not have a hunting liscence. If i have posted this in the wrong place please someone inform me so i can remove it and put it in the...
  2. General Gun Discussion
    My little cousins birthday is coming up soon and I'm thinking about buying a gun for him. I'm leaning towards getting him a .22 rifle. Any suggestions help!
  3. Rifle Discussion
    hello i have ben looking at getting a sniper style rifle.... i have many hunting guns....270,30-06,22-250,7 mag, but i want somthing that is more tactical, there are just sooooooo many different styles and looks and sizes.... i am really liking the 308 caliber but i dont want just ur daddys deer...
  4. Collectors Corner
    i have an original barnett flintlock musket and i need to know why its so valuable to collectors any help would be great. i'm also thinking of selling : ) kind regards, connor
  5. General Gun Discussion
    Anybody have any good stories about using their .50 cal rifle. I have heard they are quite fun, but expensive, to play with. BTW anybody have a price on a Grizzly Big Boar 50. Cal BMG?
  6. Collectors Corner
    New member here seeking info... Through a family connection, I've been approached about selling a pre-WWII double rifle. I'm a hunter not a gun collector so please bear with me as I search for info. The rifle is complete and in rather good condition with minimal pitting only on the metal work...
  7. Gun Related Pictures
    I recently came into possession of a number of firearms that belonged to my late father, and I have been unable to identify this rifle. BTW, this was the first gun I ever shot.
  8. Rifle Discussion
    I have a gun, that was given to me by a friend, and im not sure what it is, and neither is he, i need to know exact model and such to find a new clip for it? Info i do have: The rifle is made by charles daly, Charles daly field grade 22lr...
  9. General Gun Discussion
    Hey everybody! This is my first post =D Anyway I have a Howa Axiom .308 and absolutely love everything about it...except the fact that it is top loading. My scope mounts leave little room for loading. How hard would it be and is it even possible/probable to convert it to a bottom fed mag? :weapons:
  10. Rifle Discussion
    First off let me say I know nothing about guns (other than safety and how to shoot them), but I know how to research, so I've been doing that. So, I want to buy my first gun, and probably my ONLY gun for a long time. I am very attracted to leverguns, so that is what I will be getting. It will...
  11. Rifle Discussion
    I am looking to purchase the new Taurus Circuit Judge revolver rifle, 410, 45 long colt. I am looking for someone who has shot this rifle and your experience with it. Thanks
  12. Rifle Discussion
    I have a .30-06 Remington Model 760 Gamemaster that through serial number dating I discovered to be made in 1975-1978. Does anyone know how much this could be worth? Thanks
  13. Rifle Discussion
    Hi, I am new to this site so I would love some advice/opinions on what is best. Here is my situation: I will be living in Socorro, New Mexico in the fall which is the only safe town in between civilized America and Juarez, Mexico, where 900 people were decapitated in the last two months. My...
  14. Rifle Discussion
    Just looking for some information, as this subject is nowhere to be found anywhere on the Internet that i've seen. What are the differences, if any, between the regular round barrel for the Marlin 1895 and the Marlin 1895 with the octagonal barrel? Do the octagonal barrels have any...
  15. Collectors Corner
    I reticently inherited a Herter's Rifle From my Uncle. I am Trying to Figure out how to Take the bolt out or if u even can at all. Can u guys help me out? It says on the Barrel its made by Herter's Inc in Waseca. Minn. and Model U-9 Cal .243
  16. Tactics and Training
    Folks, I'd like to let you all know about a Rifle Marksmanship and American Heritage clinic coming to a range near you. Thats right- NEAR YOU. With over 300 events scheduled throughout the country in 2009 alone, I'm fairly certain an event can be found within a few hours' drive from...
  17. Rifle Discussion
    I recently went to the crossroads of the west gun show, and i bought a mouser 98a rifle. I'm looking to restore it to the "original" condition. only thing is wrong is the black paint and the bands in front of the forearm is missing, rest of it is working order. i plan on taking off the paint...
  18. General Gun Discussion
    It's official...I just joined the NRA! I'm worried to death about how Obama's administration is going to treat gun owners and although it's a measly 35 bucks, at least I can say that I did my duty for this year and will likely re-join for 5+ years when this hitch is nearing the end of its...
  19. Want to Buy Forum
    Hello I am helping build a ruger 10/22 and i need the receiver and housing to complete the gun. If any of you camn help me out I will work something out with you please email me at [email protected] Thanks