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  1. Rifle Discussion
    Savage Axis XP Savage Axis II XP Mossberg Patriot Remington 783 Which do you think is the best budget rifle? Why? I'm planning to get one soon as my first rifle with a mounted scope. Also, Savage Axis XP vs Savage Axis II XP, Which is the best budget option out of the two. I know Savage...
  2. General Gun Discussion
    I have heard from multiple sources that using a silencer on a gun, lowers the speed of the bullet or the range by a few meters. I would like to someone more experienced with guns confirm/disconfirm this. Mainly talking about semi-automatic rifles and pistols
  3. Rifle Discussion
    I recently acquired a bolt action rifle which has been passed down to me from a relative. It is a bit rough, but i think it is pretty neat that my grandfather (who i never had a chance to meet) and his father used to own it and now I do and really would love to gain some information on it. The...
  4. Hunting, Archery, Camping, & Others
    Hello I have been looking at remington 700's for hunting. I preffer the darker synthetic look and a 30-06 version. Heres the ones I have been looking at. "Model 700 SPS", Model 700 Long Range", or "Model 700 SPS Stainless"?
  5. Rifle Discussion
    Hello everyone (newbie here), I recently made the decision to purchase my first firearm and after some research decided to start with a .22 rifle. Over the past weekend I went to a gun show here in Colorado to find a used rifle in good condition in my price range - nothing fancy, just something...
  6. Gun Related Pictures
    I bought a rifle this morning that has no model number and a lot of proof marks I have never seen before so I was hoping someone could help with this problem I'll post pics of the marks The mark on the barrel the number is 12 42 not 2 42 I couldn't get the one in the pic
  7. General Gun Discussion
    I have been doing my own person research online for the different calibers, and well I am even though I am not currently a Gun Owner myself I was curious as to what other Firearm owners would have to say about this. Basically I was looking at maybe down the road for 1 Bolt Action Rifle, and a...
  8. New Members Introduction
    Does anyone know where a guy can buy a gun from the Ace series made by IWI? I can't find them sold anywhere that has em in stock. Any help would be great.
  9. Rifle Discussion
    I have a savage arms .308 with a stainless steel barrel. I noticed after cleaning it, alot of wear and scratches on the inside of my barrel near crown. I also noticed whst looks like to be rust? Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought stainless didn't corrode. Is this any cause for worry orvis...
  10. M1a

    Rifle Discussion
    I've got a Springfield M1a 308 I'm looking to sell. I've been looking around at what they are going for but I've come up with a few different price ranges. Mies had less than a hundred round through it and is in mint condition. Anyone have any idea what a realistic price is on the market today...
  11. Rifle Discussion
    I am joining AROTC next year and want to get used to shooting and disassembling and reassembling a rifle close to the Army's M4. I've looked into buying one and everyone seems to say that building my own would be the best and the cheapest way of doing it. Is this true? Or I could buy the upper...
  12. Want to Buy Forum
    I would like to buy a rifle with a busted stock so I can make a stock for it and use it for deer hunting I have a max of 300 bucks and I would preffer a 30-30 but I might take any other caliber that I can use for deer. thanks.
  13. Rifle Discussion
    Hello, I am new to the forums and will be a first time gun owner very shortly. I plan on getting a Remington 700 but it comes in different caliber sizes. Background information: I won't be using this for hunting or killing anything unless I have a problem with woodchucks or other animals...
  14. Rifle Discussion
    My dad found this rifle 10 years ago but doesnt know anything about it neither do i , i just know it is probably from austria because it says so on the rifle next to the bolt on the left side , other than that nothing , and that Austria thing is barely visible i can see some other things but...
  15. Collectors Corner
    I recently came into possesion of this rifle and was hoping someone here would be able to assist in the identification or provide any information. The only 'markings' i have found are 4 clusters of 3 dots in a triangular pattern.
  16. General Gun Discussion
    Im just getting in to shooting and hunting but im on a budget so i was wondering what you guys would recomend as a first hunting rifle. I plan on hunting white tailed deer. Im loking at somthing in the .30-06 or .308 area but was also looking at .243 (is this enough for deer and antelope?) My...
  17. General Gun Discussion
    I realy like that you can change what ammunition you can use by changing the barrel and im fine with the 22lr and the 20 ga but i would like a 30-06. Rossi had a w modle that offerd the barrel for that but it was discontinued. If there are any suggestions id like to hear them... also i would...
  18. Rifle Discussion
    Thanks for all of your help!
  19. General Gunsmithing
    Just grabbed an SKS off of my grandma who knows about this much about the weapon: Her sons got it for her 15 years ago for hunting. Why they did that I have no idea. It's been shot about 10 times. It's been stored since the first year she got it. It's completely stock. *EDIT* After looking...
  20. Rifle Discussion
    Just got this rifle awhile ago and was wondering what anyone knows about it from any standpoint, historical or otherwise and also just what people think about it. Some of the things I would like to really know are what year it was made and/or if it is as old as I suspect if it was used as a...