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  1. Help me figure out what this rifle is!

    Gun Related Pictures
    I have this bolt action rifle I inherited. I can tell that the barrel is bigger then a .22 lr and smaller then a .223 the only marking on the gun is a burn stamp on the stock of the country Silesia. I took the gun apart and on the bottom of the barrel near the action are some symbols and numbers...
  2. Any Info On project Appleseed?

    Tactics and Training
    I've heard they're a solid choice in terms of rifle training but the scheduling on their website is pretty chaotic so I'm not sure how good they really are. Any good/bad stories would be appreciated. Also I heard they're really into history-what does that mean exactly? Here's the website...
  3. Can anyone identify this rifle?

    General Gun Discussion
    I apologize for the bad photo.
  4. Optics for Scar 17 - Vortex Razor HD Gen II or Eotech Vudu SR2

    Firearm Accessories
    Hello everyone - Got a question. I have been researching some optics for my Scar 17 and have come down to two choices. The Vortex Razor HD Gen II and Eotech Vudu SR2. I know the Vortex is a great choice but was curious if anyone has experience with the Eotech Vudu? I have a couple Eotech...
  5. Savage 110 Caliber Question

    Rifle Discussion
    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum not necessarily new to guns haven't done a whole lot of shooting in my life but am rapidly getting more involved in it. I am planning on treating myself this Christmas to a savage 110 Hunter/Trophy Hunter XP I'm almost positive I'm gonna chamber it at .308 being...
  6. Need help identifying a rifle

    Gun Related Pictures
    My dad passed away a couple of years ago and had this rifle that he always referred to as an "elephant gun", but I can't figure out the make or caliber of the gun. I don't see any markings on the barrel or anywhere else other than MAG-26266 right under the scope mount. I was told that MAG is...
  7. Rock River LAR-15's. ATH Carbine v. Operator III. Thoughts and Advice Please

    Rifle Discussion
    I have been looking to buy my first AR. I'd like something in the $700 and $1000 price range and am hoping for a rifle that is already a complete package. Adding iron-sights first and a scope later. After learning to use iron sights at basic, I plan on acquiring those first. I'm looking at...
  8. Tavor X95 for sale

    Buy/Sell/Trade Firearms
    I'd like to sell this bullpup locally, but I will ship to your FFL if need be. Asking $1200.00. I put about 5-600 rounds through it. I am including the "Super Sabra Lightening Bow" trigger (not the trigger pack, just the $100.00 trigger), which I haven't yet installed. Weapon is in...
  9. Opinions on the Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical 3-9x 40mm

    Firearm Accessories
    Hey all, I'm looking at the Diamondback Tactical 3-9x 40mm by Vortex Optics. I plan on putting it on a bolt-action .270 and wanted opinions on it before I buy. My real question is: is there any reason I shouldn't buy this scope?
  10. Is this a decent gun cabinet?

    Firearm Accessories
    >Link< I need a relatively secure place to keep one or two guns for a potential bump in the night. The only problem is if I want a rifle close at hand I'll need to drag my container up two flights of stairs (hence a 300lbs+ safe just won't cut it). I think this is one of the more promising...
  11. Need help choosing rifle

    Rifle Discussion
    I want the highest quality rifle money can buy. Let me explain. I was a rifle chambered in something that can reach as far as I want (within reason) and can knock down anything from a deer to a bear. I don’t want the second most accurate, I want the most accurate rifle on the market. I want a...
  12. Bear Hunting Caliber Recommendations?

    Hunting, Archery, Camping, & Others
    Hey. I’m going to start hunting soon, and I’m looking for a good rifle. As I’m 15, I don’t want to spend to much on it. What I meant in the title wasn’t just for bear. I’m probably not going to go bear hunting anytime soon until I’m 18 or so, and in the meantime I’ll just be hunting deer and the...
  13. Getting first rifle need help.

    Rifle Discussion
    Ive been shooting with my dad for years but want to get my first rifle on my own for my 21st in a month, I haven't shot in about two years. I wana be able to do some target plate shooting and maybe some deer hunting with this rifle at around 300-600 yards. First gun that came to mind was an ar15...
  14. Can someone please define Large Capacity and Non Large Capcity?

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Am i correct on my idea of what large capacity and non large capacity means? Large capacity is a fire arm that can hold more than 10 rounds and is semi automatic. A non large capacity is under 10 rounds and single shot only. IE. A pump action shot gun with 5 rounds or a bolt action rifle...
  15. Asian Girl Comes to America and Shoots a Gun for the 1st

    General Gun Discussion
    This girl is brand new to the country and is already shooting!
  16. Japanese Type 99 Arisaka Weird Varient

    Rifle Discussion
    I have a Type 99 Arisaka that was passed down to me by my grandfather It was rusted but I took it to the gunsmith and got it all removed. This rifle is a absolute mystery I can not find any other variants of it when I picked up the rifle from the gunsmith he told me that the barrel is way...
  17. Trying to buy my first rifle!! AR-15

    Rifle Discussion
    Palmetto state armory is doing a deal on a PSA 16" MIDLENGTH MOE FREEDOM RIFLE & SPRINGFIELD XDS 9MM PISTOL W/ EXTRA GEAR PACKAGe. Yes, I copied and pasted that lol. Its a $799 package and may buddy wants the springfield so he is willing to go halvies with me, so that would make it only $400...
  18. Best budget rifle

    Rifle Discussion
    Savage Axis XP Savage Axis II XP Mossberg Patriot Remington 783 Which do you think is the best budget rifle? Why? I'm planning to get one soon as my first rifle with a mounted scope. Also, Savage Axis XP vs Savage Axis II XP, Which is the best budget option out of the two. I know Savage...
  19. Do silencers cause negative effects?

    General Gun Discussion
    I have heard from multiple sources that using a silencer on a gun, lowers the speed of the bullet or the range by a few meters. I would like to someone more experienced with guns confirm/disconfirm this. Mainly talking about semi-automatic rifles and pistols
  20. Identification of older bolt action rifle

    Rifle Discussion
    I recently acquired a bolt action rifle which has been passed down to me from a relative. It is a bit rough, but i think it is pretty neat that my grandfather (who i never had a chance to meet) and his father used to own it and now I do and really would love to gain some information on it. The...