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  1. Revolver Discussions
    My CC shoulder holster for my M&P Bodyguard 38 has finally arrived. So I can now comfortably carry both my 45 and my 38 and if I manage to get a third revolver I can use my ankle holster. So yeah all in all things are going well, I have a new job, looking to get a place of my own sometime soon. Yay!
  2. Revolver Discussions
    Some may be confused by the title of this thread and I'll be honest I originally wanted to ask about why you guys pick revolvers over auto-loaders and what your personal exsperances have been that made you choose to carry a revolver over an auto-loader. But tttthen I got to thinking and looking...
  3. General Gunsmithing
    Ok here's the deal. I need help figuring out how much it would cost to give this revolver, the bronze handle/grip of of a colt navy revolver?
  4. Collectors Corner
    I was recently going through my grandpas old things and I came across an old revolver. It has "RED JACKET No. 3" and the top of the barrel and "9931" on the bottom. After doing some research I discovered it was made between 1875-1885 by Lee Arms Company. The reason I am looking for more info is...
  5. Revolver Discussions
    Hello. I have a smith and wesson revolver double action 2". I don't have any paperwork or id for this gun. I was looking for some help to figure out what it is. The markings on the bottom of the handle between the wood grips are 5D30789. It says .38 S&W. spl on the barrel. Made in USA marcas...
  6. General Gun Discussion
    My gun safe is nearing completion so I needed a winter project. I’ve longed for a nice display case for some of my western style guns. I came across a set of commercial trophy cases at a gov auction site that I think I can work with. Still have to pick them up. They appear to be red oak which...
  7. Revolver Discussions
    Hey Folks, I have a customer at my shop looking for a Serpa Holster for his Charter Arms Police Undercover .38spcl. Model #73840. He claims that a buddy of his told him to get the Blackhawk Serpa for a J-frame (UPC: 410520BK-R), but seeing as Smith & Wesson's J-frames' are 5-shots I don't think...
  8. General Gunsmithing
    I bought a Taurus 686 for a truck gun, intending to leave it in the truck all the time. The gun (and it seems most stainless guns today) came in with what they are calling a "satin" finish. Honestly, It's no better finish than the Caspian "in-the-white" 1911 frame I have. I prefer polished...
  9. Collectors Corner
    Need help with the ID of this gun. No markings other than N* (see pic). I really don't know much about this revolver other than my grandpa had it before he passed away. I have tried looking online and have been unsuccessful. Thanks.
  10. New Members Introduction
    My name is Nick and I joined the forum to learn more about antique firearms. I am trying to learn about the antique pistols my grandpa collected. I'm excited to join this forum page!
  11. New Members Introduction
    Hello, I am very new to firearms. I have fired a couple of pistols (.22, .357 both revolvers) in my youth, which was more than 30 yrs ago. My wife and I want to buy a handgun or handguns for self defense. We are both left handed. Would it make more sense for us to keep things simple with a...
  12. Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    Hi Everybody İ invented a new safety mechanism for semi automatic Handguns and Revolvers.İn the video i applied this system to a beretta 92 fs. Will be glad to here your thoughts about it.. Thank you
  13. Revolver Discussions
    Whats up guys new to this forum I recently picked up a nice looking LLAMA 32 S&W snub nose revolver. It shoots pretty nice but I cant seem to remember which S&W or Colt revolver it is a clone/copy of? Im certain mine is a Model 32 LLAMA Any ideas guys? I want to add the original S&W or Colt...
  14. Revolver Discussions
    Cool and informative video I happened to stumble across!
  15. Rimfire Central
    ...readily available, has some info / non-bias reviews online... that can be very reliably shot and ejected, from a mid to full size, high end, all steel, mainstream (Smith / Ruger) revolver.
  16. Collectors Corner
    I am a little stumped on this one in part due to its condition. I was recently out in Arizona SW of the Grand Canyon prospecting for gold when I cam across this old 6 shooter revolver. This was found buried in a dry wash while metal detecting and I recently completed electrolysis to clean off...
  17. Revolver Discussions
    Hello world! All this talk about gun laws has made me want to buy a gun. I really like the look of revolvers, but I'm not too fond of modern looking revolvers. After doing some research I think I wan't to go with the standard Ruger new model Super Blackhawk in 44 mag. No bisley or hunter models...
  18. Revolver Discussions
    Hi all! I recently inherited a revolver from my uncle, but have no clue what kind it is, or when it was made. I was pointed to this website by a friend who said you guys might be able to help me identify this sucker. I know absolutely nothing about guns, but am trying to learn, so any and all...
1-18 of 57 Results