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  1. SKS front sight post help

    General Gunsmithing
    Hello. I'm on my way to restoring my SKS to its original configuration. However, I've run into a roadblock. My SKS has a plastic (Tapco?) front sight post from the original owner. I've been trying to get this thing out but it looks like the material is worn down because my front sight tool...
  2. Fixing the finish on a pistol

    General Gunsmithing
    so my grandfather has a Kahr K9 that he recently got back from someone he sold it to, and it was returned in less than optimum condition. Seeing as he likes to keep them immaculate, having several small scratches on the finish of a firearm drives him crazy. What do y’all use to maintain or...
  3. S&W bad repair service

    General Gun Discussion
    I sent my S&W mod19-5 for repair to the S&W service department 2 times because the cylinder was not turning properly, but they said it was an obsolete model and they have no parts for this model handgun. They also mentioned the cylinder had blown notches so I decided to take a closer look by...
  4. Built my own shotgun pistol grip

    General Gun Discussion
    I was recently given my grandfather's stagecoach double barrel shotgun. It had a serious crack in both sides of the stock. I was out target shooting with some buddies this weekend, and somebody brought a pistol grip shotgun. I really liked it, so I machined a pistol grip out of maple, and...
  5. What are receiver repair sections?

    General Gunsmithing
    I'm looking to complete my PPS-43C kit but the reciever that came with it was cut up (by law). What is a receiver repair kit and can I use it as a receiver?
  6. Ruger New Model Single Six Problem

    General Gunsmithing
    So I have a Rugee New Model Single Six. It was made in 1976, I believe. It.s the hunter model, I guess, because it has about a 9.5" barrel. Anyways, on tothe good stuff. I was out shooting it, and the loading gate wouldn't open. I was kind of stumped, so I took it apart to find out what was...
  7. mosin nagant problem...

    General Gun Discussion
    Hopefully someone has an answer for this! I have a mosin nagant carbine (im pretty sure its an authentic soviet production model) and the bolt will sometimes slide completely out of the receiver without holding the trigger down. The gun fires fine, but this bolt problem is annoying. I suspect...