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remington 870

  1. Problem with Remington 870

    Shotgun Discussion
    Hey everyone, first post here and totally new to the forum. I got a question about my Remington 870 Wingmaster. I bought a new 18" barrell for it and a mag extention tube and took it out to the pits and there seems to be a bit of a problem. It fires with massive kickback, before it would shoot...
  2. For-end assembly rubbing on magazine tube

    Shotgun Discussion
    I have a Rem870 with a Magpul MOE for-end installed. The for-end assembly appears to be rubbing against the mag tube and is leaving scratches. They don't appear to be into the metal but just the finish. Is this normal? Or is there something definitely wrong with the adjustment of the for-end...
  3. gf wanting to buy shotgun for bf - help! (remington 870 v. mossberg 500)

    General Gun Discussion
    my boyfriend has wanted a shotgun for a while, and i'm trying to decide whether to get a remington 870 or mossberg 500 (both 12 gauge) for his birthday. i know almost nothing about buying a gun (how to go about doing it) and also which one to get (i.e. which components are important to look out...
  4. First gun dilemma. HELP!

    General Gun Discussion
    Hey guys, I haven't posted in forever, but it's good to be back. :biggrin5: Just to give you guys some background: I will be turning 21 in Feb. and by I will probably have saved up enough money for a gun (hey, I’m a broke-ass college student without any financial assistance from my parents). I...